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unleashed Online Contests Giveaways - Unleashed

The movie Unleashed has an interesting take on men when it comes to them being a dog on a cat.

After being betrayed by her boyfriend Emma moves to San Francisco with her pets, a dog and a cat.   On the night of a Supermoon Emma’s pets are drawn by light and escape into the night and are transformed info full-grown men.  This forces Emma to reconsider her outlook on dating and work out her trust issues.

UNLEASHED Official Trailer Starring Kate Micucci & Justin Chatwin from Level 33 Entertainment on Vimeo.

It was interesting to see the men transform into animals.  Their portrayal of each animal was spot on.

The love Emma displayed for her pets before they became men spilled into their human lives.  I could not help but laugh when they spoke of things they saw her do when they were animals.  How many times have pet owners done things in front of their pets that they would not do in front of humans?  They are watching our every move.  The pets were in love with Emma because she was so loving to them.  When they became men it was on! As they both tried to woo Emma and bid for her love I was hoping there would not be in intimacy between any of them.   Thank goodness the film did not cross that line.   I found myself hoping she would not like either man.  I could not root for either one.   I just wanted them to be her pets.  I wanted her to realize they were her pets.

This movie made me have to use my imagination, but it kept me on the edge my seat because it is not everyday someone’s animals could potentially be their mate.   It is definitely not a thriller, but I was on the edge my seat when I thought she may kiss one of them or just be intimate with them.  I just wanted things to go back to normal for all of them.   Maybe that is what the movie was supposed to do.

Unleashed is different and is great to watch on a lazy day.

I am giving you a chance to win a copy for yourself.  Good luck!
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unleashed Online Contests Giveaways - Unleashed

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