Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Review – Guardians Of The Galaxy Two Trailer

After seeing Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2  I have been telling people that it is the best sci-fi film of the year.  My daughter quickly reminds me that I do not watch a lot of sci-fi movies, as if to say my opinion does not count.  It does because I have not enjoyed a sci-fi  movie like this in a while.  I know a good movie when I see one.   It will be in theaters on May 5th.  You will see what I am talking about.

I did see Guardians of The Galaxy in 2014 and I loved it as well, but I think Vol 2 was great.

I felt nostalgic throughout the movie.   Music played from the 70’s and 80’s.  Seeing Kurt Russel and Sylvester Stallone made it even better.

As the old gang of Guardians set out to find Peter Quills real father the theater was filled with laughter.  This was my kind of film.  I laughed, I sat on the edge my seat, I got upset and I cried.

While on their mission, the Guardians troubles began after they stole batteries from a golden princess named Ayesha.  While they are trying to escape Ayesha they are brought back in contact with Quill (the man that kidnapped Peter from Earth when he was a young child.)  The newest of character, Ego is then introduced who is played by Kurt Russel.  From the very beginning it is quit obvious who he is.  Although, I loved the movie this is when my emotions were mixed.  There were times I questioned Ego’s intentions  and I would get frustrated.  In my mind that was good, because I felt that this is what the writers wanted me to feel.

My daughter begs to differ.  She liked the film, but she did not like the ending.  She thinks the ending should have been happy.  I told her we cannot always expect a happy ending.  She believes with the way the world is right now we needed to see a happy ending.  She says the film was very funny, but the premise of the movie could have been better.

My son on the other hand, absolutely loved it.  I know some of the jokes were over his head, but he laughed anyway.  As the laughter filled the theater it was contagious.  He and other children laughed just to be laughing when they did not understand.

Guardians The Galaxy Vol. 2 was one heck of thrill ride and very enjoyable.

Don’t forget it will be in theaters this Friday, May 5th.

There was nothing I did not like about this film.  The setting was beautiful and the acting was incredible.  I loved the Baby Groot.  I want one.



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