Genetic Testing For Ancestry With GPS Origins

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Like many people I have wanted to know my deep family routes.  I turned to GPS Origins to help me do an  ancestry DNA test.

GPS Origins™ is a revolutionary ancestry DNA test that takes you deep into your family history. Traditionally, DNA ancestry tests provide a report of your ‘ethnicity’ and locate parts of your DNA in broad continental sweeps, but nothing specific, not even to the country level. The GPS Origins™ (Geographic Population Structure) ancestry test combines the latest genetic research with a new ancestral tracking technique to pinpoint more precisely where your DNA began. The GPS Origins™ test indicates the town or village where groups of your ancestors from different cultures met – building a vibrant picture of the migration journeys that formed your deep genealogical heritage.

GPSOriginsLogoTag Genetic Testing For Ancestry With GPS Origins

I received an email a couple of days ago that said my results were ready.  I anxiously logged into my account and my results were accurate as far as me having African roots.  My concern was that I did not see anything for my American Indian and White ancestors.    I understand my black roots will be dominate, but I did not see anything that would indicate that my great grandmother on my mother’s side of the family was half White and Black and American Indian or that my grandfather on my mother’s side had the same mixture.  It appears that it shows some DNA testing for ethnicity.

The results were very detailed and in depth.  There are maps, migration stories and stories about the countries my ancestors are from.  It was interesting to find that I have ancestors from  Southeast Asia (Madagascar) in which they have a mix of features appearing both Asian and African.  According to my migration story A, my ancestors came from Israel and Palestine prior to 1260 AD.   There are other migration stories that follow my ancestors journey.

Overall the process was very simple.  After I created an account the kit was mailed out in a timely manner.  When I received the kit I followed the very simple instructions.   All I had to do was swab my mouth and mailing it back.   Within a couple of weeks the results were available.

I cannot wait to share my ancestry test results with my family and get their opinion.



GPSOriginsLogoTag Genetic Testing For Ancestry With GPS Origins

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