Giveaway- 2 Packages ExtremeStart Firestarters

Fireplace-1024x1024 Giveaway- 2 Packages ExtremeStart Firestarters

There is nothing like sitting by a fire during the Winter and over the holidays.

As temperatures dropped we were lighting a fire.  I even thought of doing a winter bonfire, but opted to stay inside.

I am positive we would not be able to enjoy our fire if we were not using ExtremeStart Firestarters, because I did not know how to start a fire in the fireplace, let alone anywhere else.  We are notorious for throwing all kinds of things in to start a fire and it does not work. It is actually wasteful and expensive.  The worst time we had building a fire was when we were camping in Colorado.  I swear we were failing miserably.  We would see people with a little stick of something, but did not know what it was until now.  If we had only known how to start a wood fire.

Did you know that 30% of Americans say it takes them 6 minutes or more to start a charcoal or wood fire? Whether you prefer cozy nights by the fire at home or autumn camping excursions, the ExtremeStart Firestarters can help you get the fire started in just two minutes. About the size of a Swiss Army Knife, the ExtremeStart Firestarter is compact, portable and easy-to-use. Simply place one firestarter among your wood or coals and light for a perfect flame. It is a must-have for fall entertaining, tailgates, or your next camping trip.

When I prepared our fire I started with one piece of fire wood, because I wanted to see how well it would take.  I was also trying to show my parents that this fire starter would work.  They say they used ExtremeStart Firestarters in the past and it did not work for them.  So this was something I wanted to go right for both them and me.

Just as I was hoping, within minutes ExtremeStart Firestarters started to burn the wood.  As the wrapper burned there was a hint of fire, then the tiny log inside began to catch, then it began to slowly burn the wood.

Initially I did not want a huge fire because we were leaving, but I got excited about making my own fire I later added another piece of wood.  This was an old piece of firewood that we did not think would light.  We were all surprised to see that the firestarters got that wood going as well.

Our home was nice and cozy and my parents got to see that ExtremeStart Firestarter really worked.   As we sat by the fire my mom said, “Your box says “new”, maybe it is new and improved.”  I then gave them a few firestarters out of my box so they could have a fire later on.  I was so happy that I could show them that it really worked.

While my family enjoys ExtremeStart Firestarters I would like to give one lucky reader the opportunity to win two packages of the ExtremeStart firestarters, which contain 12 firestarters in each of their own.  Good luck!

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Fireplace-1024x1024 Giveaway- 2 Packages ExtremeStart Firestarters


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