Gondola Getaway in Naples Island Gives You a Taste of Italy



When you think of a gondola ride many of us may think of a romantic ride in Italy.  That is true, but my recent gondola ride with Gondola Getaway was in beautiful Naples Island in Long Beach, California with my son and daughter.

In celebration of my daughter’s birthday I decided that it did not have to be about romance, but celebrating with family.

On the date of our visit there were a couple of other people that were there either for a birthday celebration, family time and yes a romantic getaway.  Either way we were all in store for a wonderful time.


As our gondolier paddled us down Naples Island we along with the gondolier snacked on cheese, crackers, deli meats, sparkling wine and sparkling Italian soda that we packed in our basket.

As we snacked and rode our gondolier explained the history of Naples Island.  He explained everything ranging from how Author Parson wanted to create a romantic spot that came as close a possible to Italy to the oldest home in Naples Island.    He also told us how he has witnessed proposals and how a bride rode into her wedding on one of the gondola’s.   This just amplified the beauty of it all.  Just breathtaking.

The day we visited Naples Island seemed like the perfect day.  But, from what we experienced any day would seem like a perfect day while riding down Naples Island in a gondola.  It could have been pouring down raining and we would have enjoyed ourselves.


The beauty of it all allowed us to spend time together and unwind.  We were so relaxed.  Our hour long ride seemed like it flew by.  We could have gone another hour.  Time flies when you are having fun.

Gondola Getaway is something the entire family can enjoy as well as a romantic getaway.  They have gondolas for parties ranging from 2 people to 14 people.    Whatever your reason for getting away, you will not be disappointed.  This is another one of the fun things to do in Long Beach.

This was a memorable day for my family and wonderful birthday for my daughter.

If you want to get away check out Gondola Getaway.

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