Test the True Extent of Your Law knowledge with Pala Casino’s Quiz & Sweepstakes

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Do you know the law?

Too often we go through our everyday lives confident that we know what is legal and what is not.  Most laws seem like common sense, but that’s not always the case… In order to truly test whether or not you know the law of the land, Pala Casino created this quiz to unveil how much participants actually know about their nation’s laws. To top it off, Pala Casino is offering a 2 night giveaway for two in New Jeresey for a lucky winner who takes the quiz.

Not only will participants be entered to win an awesome giveaway, but will also finish the quiz taking care to think twice; laws are not as black-and-white as you may think! For example, texting and driving seems like a no-brainer, illegal through and through. For most states, that would be correct. Surprisingly, there are a few states that have no laws prohibiting texting and driving!

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