Holiday Cookie Recipes That Will Make You the The Talk of The Party

holiday-cookies Holiday Cookie Recipes That Will Make You the The Talk of The Party

I have been baking since the day after Thanksgiving  and will do so through the holiday season.   Lately my family has been requesting the same old basic cookies, which are good, but  I want to make something different.  I am going to switch things up a bit and try some simple, yet delicious recipes from Country Crock  that are easy to make in 30 minutes or less! These recipes are perfect for anyone crunched for time during the hectic holiday season who still wants their treats to be the talk of the party:

· Ginger Spice Holiday Cookies – Get in the holiday spirit with these goodies that combine cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg for a flavor kick. Top them off with frosting and sprinkles for decoration!

· Chocolate Crinkles – These chewy chocolate morsels topped with confectioners’ sugar look as though they’ve just been dusted by snow.

· Fun Crispy Treats – With just four ingredients, these rice crispy treats take only 13 minutes to make and you can add melted chocolate and candies for a holiday twist!

· Zebra Chocolate Chip Cookies – Spice up your chocolate chip cookies with “zebra drizzle,” that adds some festive flair to your favorite cookie.

· Cinnamon Stars – Add some sparkle to any soiree with these cookies that are sprinkled with a blend of sugar and cinnamon.

· Walnut Moons – A perfect complement to the Cinnamon Stars are these walnut-flavored cookies in the shape of little moons.

All of these recipes are made with Country Crock, a buttery spread that is the go-to ingredient for baking. Country Crock is part of the good fat family and made with real, simple ingredients, including delicious oils, purified water, and a pinch of salt.

My son usually helps me cook and bake.  I am sure trying new recipes will be fun for us while my daughter will just eat them.

I hope your family enjoys these recipes as well.

Happy Holidays!

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