Shrek the Musical at Morgan Wixson Theatre Offers A New Hip Twist

Shrek the musical

I absolutely enjoyed myself while watching Shrek the Musical at Morgan Wixson Theatre .  Yes, my son and daughter did attend the musical as well, but this is one show I lost myself in.

As the curtain rose my family and I were swaying our bodies and bobbing our heads to the hip singing and beats of one of the most enjoyable musicals I have seen in a while.  There was immediate laughter coming from the audience as the first scene began.

We all know the story Shrek.  My daughter pointed out that the musical was dead on, but with a special twist.  There were some added characters and it made it even better.  Who thought Shrek could get any better.  There were familiar fairy tale characters.  Well familiar to me and my daughter.  At some point during the musical I realized my son did not know some of the characters.  He has read new book but has not honed in on the classics. Just a few.  As I leaned in to explain some of the characters I began to think I have failed my child.  When we get home I pulling out the classics.  As I quietly shared who they were, he laughed uncontrollably.

Shrek the musical Santa Musical

I did not mind his loud laughter because it seemed the entire theater was laughing.   There were a couple of jokes that were a bit mature and over his head.  I was a little concerned but got past it.

The musical follows a very unlikely hero from a faraway kingdom as he teams up with a wisecracking donkey and a feisty princess who’s nobody’s distressed damsel. She can definitely hold her own. Together — along with a cookie with some real attitude and over a dozen other familiar misfits that you will definitely recognize– they’ll take on the short-tempered bad guy Lord Farquaad and save their fairy-tale kingdom.

Santa Monica Musicals

We were not allowed to take photos during the musical, but I wish I could have shared the detail of the set design.  It was so good.   Aside from the set design we could not stop laughing at Lord Farquaad and his little body.  The costumes of every character were very detailed.   The acting and singing was phenomenal.  As I understand it the show was sold out.

Do not under estimate the small playhouse in Santa Monica.  Morgan Wixson puts on professional plays and musicals that keep you wanting more.  We enjoyed Shrek The Musical and would not hesitate to see another play or musical at Morgan Wixson.

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