“A Christmas Story” Movie Experience

LaLa_Christmas_Story-3-727x1024 "A Christmas Story" Movie Experience

Every year my family watches the ” A Christmas Story” marathon and never get tired of it.  This year my son and I will be attending a screening of “A Christmas Story” with a guest appearances by the original cast.  This is going to be an awesome experience!  When I told my son we were going he started saying, ” A Christmas Story where the boys tongue got stuck to the pole?’ A Christmas Story with the boy that broke his glasses? A Christmas Story were the boy gets the BB gun for Christmas?”  If I did not stop him he would have named every scene in the movie.  I simple replied, “Yes, that is the one.”

The holiday classic will air 7 p.m. Dec. 17, MCed by radio host Ellen K and featuring a 70-member choir. Tickets start at $19 and are available at the CSUN box office, 818-677-3000, or at http://www.valleyperformingartscenter.org.

This special holiday event is part of the new intimate music and arts concert series called LALA Music Fest which is coming to the San Fernando Valley. The series will bring well-known musical artists to perform in an acoustic setting for a unique experience.

You do not want to miss out on this experience.  I know we are not going to.

Happy Holidays!


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LaLa_Christmas_Story-3-727x1024 "A Christmas Story" Movie Experience

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