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Turning 21 is a monumental moment and many people are looking for ways celebrate.  My daughter decided she wanted to kick off her 21st birthday celebration with her family at the Hyatt Palm Springs.  Although, she kicked it off with family,  the following week and the week after that and so on she has been partying with friends.  It is a month long celebration.

I could not have been more happier that she decided to do this.  With that said, I was hoping that our trip to Palm Springs would be memorable.  And it was!

We were checked in and greeted by Alyssa.  She was very friendly and accommodating.  She saw in her notes that we were celebrating my daughter’s 21st birthday and discretely let me know.  When we arrived to our suite she called me to let me know what the hotel had in store for her.

Yes, we stayed in a Double Suite with a view of the pool.  It had a spacious living area, that had a 42″ LCD TV.

The room had  double beds and a 42″ Inch TV as well along with a nice sized balcony.

We arrived a little late on a Friday.  We decided to have an appetizer and drinks in Share Small Plate Bistro in the hotel.

The next morning the fun began.  We woke up and went back to share and had breakfast.  The restaurant has the option of ordering from the menu or breakfast buffet. My son and daughter decided to have the buffet.

I had not had french toast in years, so I ordered the french toast from the menu.  Oh my goodness!  They were so delicious!!!  I asked my daughter to taste them, she loved them as well.  She put the butter they sent to the table on the piece I had given her and she said it was like a sweet butter and the french toast melted in her mouth.  It has almost a week and a half and we are still talking about that french toast.

Immediately after breakfast we decided to cruise around Downtown Palm Springs.  The hotel offers bike rental.  We got out around 11:00 a.m and the temperatures were rising, but we had a good time.

By noon temperatures and risen to 100 degrees, so we made our back to the hotel so we could hang out by the pool.

My son stayed in the pool the entire time, but at some point he managed to get out and order a drink.

The bar at the pool was aware that it was my daughter’s birthday and made her what she says was “The best Pina Colada ever!”

After hanging out at the pool we made our way back to our room and got ready for dinner at Share.  My daughter and I ordered the Pistachio Crusted Pacific Salmon my son ordered the kids teriyaki salmon.

The night did not end there, we went to the Hoo Doo lounge that is in the hotel to partay!!!!  What we did not know this was where we would see what the staff had up their sleeves.

Our waitress from the night before at Share was serving us at Hoo Doo.  She immediately brought my daughter a shot called Birthday Cake.

While she was taking her shot the singer on the stage announced that it was her birthday and everyone began to sing Happy Birthday and then the managers of Hoo Doo and Share presented her with a cute little cake.

I did not know what to expect on this night, but we had a blast!  People in the bar area wanted to buy her drinks and we danced for hours.  The singer was awesome!  He could sing any song that was requested.  I mean any song!  We danced to salsa, hip hop, R&B, pop and rock.  We made our exit on Genuine’s My Pony.

Our weekend at the Hyatt Palm Springs was definitely memorable.

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