Freedom Friday – How Should We Feed Our Children?

Earlier this week my daughter and I were having lunch at Corner Bakery.  As we ate our food a woman sat next to us with her baby. I would say he was a little under a year.   The table she decided to sit at was cluttered with plates, napkins, etc. from the people that sat there before her.  She asked the server to clean the table.  After clearing up the dishes and everything, he proceeded to use the cloth that we see most servers use.  You know,  it is that towel, that is clean, but yet it just seems dirty.

After the server cleaned up everything the woman and baby sat down.  The baby was in a high chair  When the food arrived she placed pieces of the food on the table and began cutting it up for the baby to eat.  I could not believe my eyes.  I thought to myself, ‘That table is not really clean.’  She was eating from a plate, she has to know this is not okay.  I then whispered to my daughter, asking her if she saw this.  She said, “Yes.  She also bird feeding some of the food and placing it on the table.”  I could not believe this woman.

Yes, she does have the freedom to do what she chooses, but I believe it is unsanitary to eat from a table in a public place.  Well I do not do it in my own home and we are constantly wiping down our tables. Who knows where the towel had been that was used to clean the table.  I know pre chewing or bird feeding  has been a controversial topic now I wonder do people think it is okay for children to eat pre chewed food from a table in a public place?

All in all the baby seemed healthy.

Happy Friday
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

12 Freedom Friday - How Should We Feed Our Children?

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