JENNIE-O turkey bacon @SwitchToTurkey #JennieO-Jennie-O giveaway

Jennie-O+breakfast JENNIE-O turkey bacon @SwitchToTurkey #JennieO-Jennie-O giveaway

I have been preparing a cooked breakfast several times a week lately.  Why might you ask?  Well…Jennie-O has caused me to do so.

 As a member of the JENNIE-O Switch Circle, I  recently received a package with an exclusive gift, which is perfect for preparing the protein-packed Veggie Frittata With Turkey Bacon recipe.  I have not tried the recipe yet, but I have been making lots of turkey sausage and turkey bacon.  

I needed a silicone baking pan. My family loves muffins and cupcakes.  Now our muffins are being paired with our Jennie-O turkey.  
Jennie-O has caused a bit of confusion in my home.  When my package arrived with my goodies, I began cooking.  You know Jennie-O packs there packages with a nice amount of turkey.   Since I do not want it to go to waste I am cooking almost every morning.  My daughter made a statement, that she did not recall me cooking breakfast during the week when she was growing up.  She said my 8 year old son, has it better than she did. Wow, really….did Jennie-O give my son a better life.  She has to be kidding!!!  If I had known that is all she needed, I would have eliminated camps, dance, cheer, etc. and just given her Jennie-O turkey bacon.  She loves it.  Well, needless to say, I fixed her a weekday breakfast.   Thanks to my new gift from Jennie-O.  Now everyone is happy.  I guess….
I am also going to head over to or   to find more recipes and product information.  I am about to wow my family with some great breakfast.  This is great if you are looking for Jennie-O turkey sausage recipes or Jennie-O turkey bacon recipes.

Hey wait!  I am giving you an opportunity to enter for a chance to win four $5 coupons ($20 value).
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Disclosure:  Product Compensation was received in exchange for review. 

Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

Jennie-O+breakfast JENNIE-O turkey bacon @SwitchToTurkey #JennieO-Jennie-O giveaway


  1. Our breakfast usually consists of cereal and fruit mixed with yogurt and a side of juice.

  2. Maple brown sugar oatmeal, greek yogurt, and with fresh fruit and a small cup of coffee and juice. Sometimes eggs with cheese and spinach,

  3. we have cereal,juice and toast most mornings.

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