Tampon Review -Tampon Delivery Service Tampon Review -Tampon Delivery Service

My daughter is ready to begin her monthly subscription. is not just a tampon delivery service, but women of all ages are going nuts so far. It’s “Our Box Delivered To Yours”- Tampons, Tutu Towels (feminine wipes) and PMS Pain Relief Tablets (called Help I Need Help)- sent every month for just $15. 10% of all orders are donated to a different dynamic women’s organization every month. They also offer the first month free to all new subscribers.

Every month on a custom selected date, “tampon fairies” deliver a box filled with 15 regular absorbency gliding tampons (similar to Tampax Pearl), 15 “Tutu Towels” (feminine wipes) and 16 “Help I Need Help” PMS pain relief tablets. All products are made in the USA and have exceeded rigorous quality assurance standards.

It is the worst when I am at home and have forgotten to purchase tampons.  It is like if I could magically make them appear in my bathroom, I would. tampon delivery service relieves all of the worry for when I do forget to purchase them.  I just love it when I do not have to think about certain things and it just happens or appears with out much effort.  That is the absolute best!!!

The package was delivered at my doorstep in a cute, little discrete box.   The items inside, were wrapped with a nice red tissue paper.  Everything had a pretty feel to it. Tampon Review -Tampon Delivery Service

I like the concept and the convenience.  I know there are millions of women that only use regular tampons, but it would be nice to see packages that consist of other sized tampons.  Either way a tampon delivery service is such an awesome idea. pricing is great!  If you think about it, it saves you gas and time, which may be saving many of us some money.

Give a try! They are offering the first month free and do not forget 10% of all orders are donated to a different dynamic women’s organization every month.

Disclosure: Products/compensation was received in exchange for review.
Don’t be afraid to be free!!! Tampon Review -Tampon Delivery Service