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Four-Athletics-768x1024 Four Athletics - Best Athletic Clothing Brands


As the holiday season has come to an end the season of given fades for many.   For some people the season of giving is year around.

As I go into the new year with resolutions of being a better person and maintaining a healthy lifestyle I am reminded by Four Athletics that there are others in need.

Over this past holiday season,  Four Athletics said thanks by giving to those most in need.

  • Over 100,000 girls under 18 years of age are bought and sold for sexual exploitation every year in America
  • The average entry age for girls is 12 years old
  • 70% of minors recruited into sex trafficking are from the foster care system
  • Once trafficked, a girl’s life expectancy is 7 years more years if not rescued
  • Sex trafficking has grown at a rate of 35% from 2015 to 2016, making it one of the fastest growing crimes in America


Four-Athletics-768x1024 Four Athletics - Best Athletic Clothing Brands

Whenever a pair of “Worthy of Love” leggings is purchased, they are donating a pair of our best-selling black ⅞ Omni leggings directly to Saving Innocence for a girl rescued.**

Each pair of donated leggings will be included in backpacks of clothing & toiletries given to rescued girls by Saving Innocence caseworkers that are on call 24/7 to meet girls right after being rescued, with only the clothes on their back to their name. You can learn more about their rescue efforts here.

The bag is provided to a child immediately after they are rescued. Oftentimes they have no resources, no possessions, and the clothes they are wearing are inappropriate or part of forensic evidence. The child desperately wants to eat into comfy clothes and feel secure. Each bag includes new underwear and clothing, hygiene supplies, soft blanket, stuffed animal, journal, coloring books and a note of encouragement.

The phrase on these leggings, “Worthy of Love” they hope hits you to the deepest of your core. We are all worthy of unconditional love, without strings and manipulation and abuse attached. These girls, robbed of innocence have not experienced the real definition of love. This is a small way to begin to show them we believe in them as they emerge from years of darkness and pain.

My heart breaks for these young girls.  This goes unnoticed by many as we focus on our daily lives that typically include the basic necessities that we take for granted.

Purchasing a pair of leggings benefits these young girls, but is also a reminder of the importance of giving back.  It is not that hard to do.

Like many people I am starting off the new year off vowing to exercise more and eat healthier.

As I commit myself to a slimmer and happier me, I am excited to be wearing Four Athletics leggings.  I have been wearing their  black Rise Up Legging and love them! They are the newest addition to their collection. They are perfectly high-waisted and expertly crafted. I have only worn them once and have been asked what brand am I wearing.  With a waist rising .5″ above their previous high waist legging, this comfortable and athletic fit make them perfect for any activity in or out of the gym.  I am convinced this athletic attire is instantly slimming.  They are not too think, but offer a tight, slimming fit.    I can wear them while exercising, running errands or meeting with a friend.  These are my new favorite leggings.





Four-Athletics-768x1024 Four Athletics - Best Athletic Clothing Brands

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