J.T. Spencer Belts – Luxury Gifts For Men

J.T.-Spencer-768x1024 J.T. Spencer Belts - Luxury Gifts For Men

When it comes to finding the right gift for my dad,  I am always looking for something that is high quality.

This Christmas I know he will love the belt and key fob I got from J.T. Spencer Accessories.

I thought it would be fitting to order my dad a J.T Spencer American Flag belt considering he served in the U.S. Army and loves nice quality things.  He is a kind of cool dad.  I ordered the khaki colored one and had his initials monogrammed.

The belt is 1.25″ wide and stitched on premium luxury cotton before being finished with a full grain, rich mahogany leather and solid brass buckle plated in an elegant brushed nickel finish. Proudly Made in USA.

I am hoping I ordered the correct size.  J.T Spencer suggests, for the best fit please add 2 inches to a men’s pant size. For example, a person who wears size 36 pant would wear a 38 in JT Spencer belts. For odd sized waists please add 3 inches to the belt size (ie. 35 inch waist wears a 38 inch JT Spencer belt)  That seems pretty easy.  Well…my dad told me his waist size was one thing (he had lost a little weight), but my mother says it is something else.  She is convinced it the belt will fit.   We shall see on Christmas day.

I also ordered an American Flag key fob.  This is perfect because I do not know when was the last time he bought a key ring.  I am sure the one he has was pretty stylish and fashion forward for that era, but he needs something up to date.  This key fob is a classic piece that will never go out of style.  At just 3″ long it is a perfect fit for pockets and purses.

  • Proudly  made  in  Richmond,  VA,  J.T.  Spencer  offers  1.25″  wide  belts,  stitched  on  premium  luxury  cotton,  finished  with  a  full  grain,  rich  mahogany leather  and  solid  brass  buckle  plated  in  an  elegant  brushed  nickel  finish.
  • Designs cover everything from the time-honored American Flag to designs.  J.T.  Spencer  makes  an  effort  to  offer  unique  motifs  on  timeless
    and  classically  styled  products  that  appeal  to everyone.
  •  Available at J.T. Spencer  as well as fine retail outlets, prestigious golf, yacht,  athletic  and  country  clubs  along  with  universities  and  colleges  across  America.
  •  J.T Spencer services the green grass golf industry as an official licensee of Peter Milller.
  • Monograming  is  offered  for  under $20
  • Custom colored belts are available at no additional cost – all of the designs featured  on  the  website  are  available  in  any  color  combination  as  a
    custom  order at no additional cost.
  • One  of  a  kind  belts  available for  an additional charge.
  • Retail  Price:  $85  (sizes  above  46 are $95)


I am sure my father is going to love his J.T. Spencer belt and key fob.

Happy Holidays!


J.T.-Spencer-768x1024 J.T. Spencer Belts - Luxury Gifts For Men

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