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Shedrain Stratus Chrome


It has been said that it never rains in Southern California.  For the most part,  it is true but when it does rain I will be pulling out my new Shedrain Stratus Chrome umbrella.  I am one of many Californians that look forward to the rain as we move out of our drought.    Although it does not rain as much as I would like  I can still pack my high quality compact umbrella when I travel.

I could not have received this umbrella at a better time.  Earlier this week as I set out to do some holiday shopping we experienced an early morning, light rain.  I was more than excited to use my Stratus Chrome umbrella.   Just is quick as the rain came it left.  At least I was able to use my new umbrella for a short while.

From the moment of first touch and site I was in love with this heavy duty  umbrella.

Shedrain Stratus Chrome Details

  • Luxury umbrella
  • Has artisanal craftsmanship
  • Superior engineering to create the finest quality umbrellas
  • Highest grade umbrellas ever produced for retail
  • Composed of 250 plus individual, quality parts, hand assembled, and created from new molding that was specifically crafted for this ultimate, affordable luxury piece.
  • Each umbrella is enclosed in a freestanding canvas case, with self-fabric lining.  This is perfect for gifting.  Especially this holiday season.

The day it rained I confidently pushed the button of my classy umbrella with much ease.  Although, there was little to no wind I was confident my sturdy umbrella would not blow in the opposite direction.

This past summer I loaned a luxury umbrella to my daughter while she traveled to London.   She returned with a destroyed umbrella.  Luxury???  I don’t think so.  It was not made with the best materials like the Shedrain umbrella.   If my daughter had a Shedrain she would not have experienced this problem.   Unfortunately for her,  I will not be loaning my wind umbrella to her.  She will have to get her own.

Although, I have not really used this fancy black umbrella I am pleased with it is a heavy duty personal umbrella .  I instantly loved the thickness of the case, handle and actual umbrella.

The appearance of  the Stratus Chrome is very sleek and classy.  I love the the combination black and white handle.  The handle also comes in black or white .  It pairs well with any outfit.

If you are looking for a nice quality umbrella Shedrain has it.  This is a perfect gift for the holidays.

Shedrain screams luxury!


Shedrain-Umbrella-768x1024 Shop Shedrain Today - Most Sturdy Umbrella

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