STS Blue Women’s Jeans – Jeans Collection For Ladies

STS-Jeans-Black-768x1024 STS Blue Women's Jeans - Jeans Collection For Ladies

Emma Ankle Skinny


I was invited to see Thor at Disney Studios a couple of weeks ago.  I immediately asked myself, “What do I wear?”  I instantly thought of my new pair of black STS Blue Emma Ankle jeans.    I paired them with a pair of  booties, a white tee shirt, kimono and red purse (To make my jeans pop.) The other day I was on the phone with someone.  She said, “I saw you on Facebook wearing some black jeans.  You looked cute!”    Just in case she did not see the tag on my post I had to tell her they were STS Blue jeans.

The Emma Ankle Jeans are actually one of my favorite pair besides the Tomboy jeans.   I am  wearing my pair of Emma Ankle jeans tonight to the grand opening of Sweetgreen grand opening in Marina Del Rey with a sweater and booties.

Emma Ankle Jeans

  • Super soft
  • Thick texture, but soft.
  • Tight fit
  • Stretch denim


STS-Jeans-Black-768x1024 STS Blue Women's Jeans - Jeans Collection For Ladies

Piper Skinny

I also have a pair of black STS Piper Skinny Jeans.  I wore them to our local pumpkin festival.   They are not as tight on the ankle as the Emma Ankle Jeans.  I rolled them at the ankle to make them snug while wearing my Chucks.   I like to wear these with boots and booties as well.   Also make sure you wash them on cold.  I thought I was washing them on cold and something was wrong with my washer and the water was a hot and my jeans faded a little.

Piper Skinny Jeans

  • Super, super soft
  • Stretch demin
  • Very comfortable
STS-Jeans-Black-768x1024 STS Blue Women's Jeans - Jeans Collection For Ladies

Boyfriend White Short

As soon as Fall hit I began wearing Fall colors and Fall like clothing.  I received a new pair of STS Boyfriend White Shorts just as Fall began.  I know we are not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, so I have not.  I do travel quit often to places that require me to wear shorts and I need to be prepared.   I will definitely be prepared with my new pair of STS Boyfriend White shorts.   Wait…Who am I fooling?  In LA we were shorts year around and it does not matter what color.  I may be able to make them be in compliance with the season.   These shorts for women look pretty good with my booties.

I tried them on a couple of times and love them.  I am trying to lose a few pounds right now.  I figure if I love these jeans now, I am going to love them even more when I get my body right.

Boyfriend Short White

  • Mid rise
  • Stretch demin
  • Very comfortable
  • Silver buttons

I have several pair of STS Blue Jeans and I love every pair.  They are perfect women of all ages.  They are comfortable and stylish and are popular blue jeans.  I get many compliments on my jeans.  I have actually noticed that some of my friends are now following them on social media and have bought a pair.

STS Blue Jeans

  • Are reasonably priced
  • Offer sales
  • Has a reward program
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns

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STS-Jeans-Black-768x1024 STS Blue Women's Jeans - Jeans Collection For Ladies

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