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Reels-Hoodie-1024x768 Casual Outdoor Wear - Reel Lifestyle Apparel

Mark Zip Heavy Hoodie

I lead a pretty active lifestyle.  I recall years ago I would not take pride in my appearance when I spent time in the outdoors.  I would find the oldest clothing to wear.  My outdoor clothing style was a mess.

In recent years things have changed.  I like to look good while I am enjoying the outdoors.

Recently, I discovered Reel Lifestyle Outdoor Apparel.  Reels is more than apparel it is a way of life.  I know first hand, because I have been wearing their Reflection Slouchy Tee and the Mark Zip Heavy Hoodie.

Reel Lifestyle Apparel appeals to people that partake in paddle boarding, surfing, swimming, boating, fishing lifestyle and much more.  My family loves to hike, kayak, run, hangout at the beach and go glamping and I find the clothing line very appealing.  Thank goodness for online outdoor clothing stores.

We spend a lot of time outdoors.   While we are doing many activities or just sitting around I like to feel good and look good.

This week we are experiencing a heat wave, but during the weeks prior we had some chilly nights.   On those nights I was so happy I was able to throw on my Mark Zip Heavy Hoodie.  When it arrived I was more than happy.  I was shocked by how heavy it is.  The  Rocker Zip Hoodie is one of the world’s heaviest sweatshirts.  Made with premium heavyweight fleece that will get you through the coldest weather in style. Offers generous fit and quality construction. Heavy gauge flat drawcord, antique nickel eyelets, #8 antique nickel exposed zipper and 3×3 ribbing at cuffs and waistband.  The name says it all.  Out of all of the hoodies I have this is my favorite.  It definitely keeps me warm.  This hoodie is actually sold in the men’s section.  I ordered it in a men’s small and love the fit.


Reels-Hoodie-1024x768 Casual Outdoor Wear - Reel Lifestyle Apparel

Reflection Slouchy Tee

I can also throw my hoodie on when I get cold while wearing my Reflection Slouchy Tee.   I guess the new fashion trend has been tying the tee in the front.  I learned this from my 22 year old daughter that is a fashion stylist and designer.  On the day I wore my slouchy tee, she told me to tie my shirt.  I did and loved the look.  The slouchy tee is cute even if I tied it or not.  I like that I can wear it off the shoulder if I want to as well.

Both the hoodie and the tee give me a sleek, fun look while hanging out and having a good time.  I love that they both are very comfortable.  I really like the tee, but I cannot get over the comfort of my hoodie.

The days of me doing my outdoor activities while not wearing stylish outdoor wear  are long gone and have been for some time, but it is nice knowing that there are companies like Reel Lifestyle that understand the importance of looking good and feeling good.  This gives me the opportunity to have a new outdoor clothing style and keep up with the clothing trends.

Reels-Hoodie-1024x768 Casual Outdoor Wear - Reel Lifestyle Apparel

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