3 Reasons That Investing In a Bathroom Wheelchair Is a Good Idea

The bathroom is one of the most difficult rooms to navigate for people who have problems with mobility.  Not only is it difficult, but it can also be dangerous.  Many a hospital trip has happened due to an unfortunate fall in the bathroom.

The wet floors and cramped space make it very hard for differently-abled people and senior citizens.  One of the things that family members and friends can do, aside from making the bathroom more accessible, is to buy a bathroom wheelchair.

One of the reasons that buying a bathroom wheelchair is a good idea is so that the person can still practice good hygiene.  Some people with mobility problems tend to delay bathing or even brushing their teeth because they worry about the risk of falling and getting into an accident in the bathroom. With a bathroom wheelchair, they will be able to navigate around the bathroom easily.

If you’re still hesitating to buy that bathroom wheelchair for a friend or loved one, read on for more reasons why it’s a good investment.


  1.    Independence – despite their mobility problems, these people would still want to exercise some form of independence.  This is true, especially when taking a shower for people who would like to protect their modesty. With bathroom wheelchair, they can get into a shower stall easily and proceed to care for themselves without the help of their caregiver.


  1.    Convenience – when you make your bathroom more accessible, the wheelchair increase the convenience for activities that may have been hard for them to deal with before.  Because of the opening in the bathroom chair, they no longer need to stand up to get on a toilet seat and relieve themselves.


  1.    Safety – the last thing you want to hear when a loved one is in the bathroom is a thud that their body makes when they fall accidentally. While some falls result in minor injuries, some are also serious and are cause for even more mobility problems. Some injuries result in hip fractures and even head trauma, which, unfortunately, is fatal for some who suffer from it.  Give yourself less stress when your loved ones enter the bathroom through the bathroom wheelchair. This eliminates their need to stand up and walk around the bathroom, so there is significantly less risk of falling.

You can also make your bathroom more accessible by adding raised toilet seats or even just simply making passages and doorways wider so that they can be easily navigated through. When your bathroom has a minimal design and less clutter, there are fewer chances of someone stepping on a toy or the like and slipping and injuring themselves.

For your family members or friends 65 years old and older, a bathroom chair is the smartest choice because they can use it in other places in the house too. Just make sure to buy the model and type that would perfectly fit them. If you are not sure about your choices, check out these bathroom wheelchairs for sale. Do your research and purchase the one that fits perfectly with your requirements.


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