5 Ways That Technology Has Changed The Healthcare Industry In The Past Decade

The advancement of technology for the past ten years has brought about a lot of changes in the lives of people. Daily tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, etc., have become easier due to the invention of things like the vacuum cleaner, microwave and the like.

It’s not just doing daily tasks that have changed, but even doing business and working have altered.  But one of the biggest changes that technology brought about can be felt in one industry – the health industry.

What used to be impossible 50 or even just 15 years ago are now possible because of technology. Find out what they are below.


  1. Health records have become electronic – in the healthcare industry, records are very important. A proper file of a patient is critical for proper treatment. Before, files were written manually, and there was the risk of it being lost. Now, with electronic health records, doctors will not have a hard time accessing years worth of the patient’s history, making the work easier.


  1. Telehealth – this innovation has made it possible for patients and doctors to communicate with each other and even do consultations outside the confines of a clinic and hospital. It is especially helpful to do deliver medical care in further areas which do not have access to the equipment that big cities have.


  1. Automated kiosks and portal technology – this can be seen in hospitals where patients can register without having to go and talk to someone. This is comfortable for a lot of people and actually, helps in speeding up the process. Meanwhile, portal technology allows the patient to take a more active approach to their healthcare. Through this, patients are able to monitor their records online which lets them become more educated about their condition.


  1. Robotic surgery – while there is still no replacing human hands, the use of robotics during surgery allows for minimal invasion during operation compared to the traditional methods. Sometimes, the surgery time also becomes shorter and the patient can even save money as the hospital stay is also shorter. Of course, patients must make sure that their doctors are well equipped with robotic surgery to ensure that they are getting the maximum benefits of the process.


  1. Testing for STDs has become easier – testing for sexually transmitted diseases is still taboo for some people. But the good thing is that access to clinics has become easier. There is now online testing for STDs which lessens the hassle. Those who want to become tested just need to register and find the clinic nearest them. If you are interested to get tested, find out more information at https://www.stdaware.com. They value privacy and assures 100% confidentiality for their patients. You can get tested as soon as you walk into one of their many clinics all over the country and they also guarantee affordable rates and fast results. You can even have access to their physicians for free if you have questions.


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