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pepper-spray-768x1024 Buy Self Defense Products From SABRE

My daughter and I have been talking about protecting ourselves for years and have not done anything about it.  I cannot tell you how many times I have said, “We need pepper spray.”  And then I did not get it.

I can now stop talking about getting personal protection devices,  because I finally got us SABRE  pepper spray and a personal alarm.  SABRE is the #1 pepper spray trusted by consumers and police worldwide.

Just the other day I decided I was going to start carrying the pepper spray.  I like that it comes with a quick release key ring.

Looking at how stylish is one thing, but I decided I would spray it just to see how it worked.  I turned the actuator to the firing position.  I then lightly sprayed it.  It seemed simple enough.  Afterwards I decided I would wash my hands, because a little of the spray got on my fingers.   It dripped for some reason.  I did not use my thumb as stated in the video.  Either way it would have dripped.  Afterwards I walked back to the room where I sprayed the pepper spray.  I really should have done this outside. That was a huge mistake.  As I stood closely to the area where I sprayed, my eyes began to burn and get watery.  I began to cough.  I also started sneezing.  This was not good.  I then made my way back to the kitchen.  I had to drink some water in order to control my coughing.  While I was trying to stop coughing my eyes were still watering and burning.  I immediately began to rub my eyes.  I then thought, “My mascara!”  I had forgotten it was waterproof.  As I rubbed my eyes they started burning a little more.  They were burning because there was residue from the spray still on my fingers.  No matter how much I washed my hands it would not come off.  It took a while for things to calm down, but when they did I decided I would eat some popcorn.  When I began to eat the popcorn it tasted it a little spicy.  The pepper spray was still on my fingers.  I spent a lot of time washing my hands throughout the day, because every time I touched my eye the spray was still on there and my eyes would burn and I could not eat finger foods.   I thought I was being cautious and all of this happened.   After all of this there was no question in my mind if the pepper spray would work.

pepper-spray-768x1024 Buy Self Defense Products From SABRE

After testing out the pepper spray I decided to try the personal alarm.  I  pulled the plastic battery protection slip from the back of the self defense alarm.  I  hesitantly pulled the pin from the plastic housing.  I was not prepared for the loud 110dB siren that sounded off so loudly.  I immediately  felt like  there was a lot of ringing in my ears and head.  I de-activated the alarm as quickly as possible.   Although, I did not allow the alarm to sound off very long, I felt a buzzing in my ears for a while.

Now that I have these personal security products I feel a little more safe.  I should have gotten these self defense devices sooner.

Not only are SABRE self defense products good, but over the years SABRE has joined hands with numerous charitable organizations to help raise money and awareness through the sale of specially created products.  The pepper spray I have represents breast cancer awareness.

They have also created a number “Red” products that benefit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, the world’s largest anti-sexual assault non-profit. 

RAINN uses the donations to give sexual assault survivors a chance to share their stories and the resources they found helpful with others.

SABRE products are sold at independent retailers worldwide. You can find us in your neighborhood drugstore, sporting goods, automotive or hardware store, army navy supply or mom-and-pop convenience store.










pepper-spray-768x1024 Buy Self Defense Products From SABRE

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