Anniversary Party – Live Streaming Video Platform Anniversary Party - Live Streaming Video Platform celebrated their one year anniversary and I was honored to be an invited guest to take part in the celebration.  This was an exciting live awards show that was  broadcast globally in more than 70 countries for the app’s largest live broadcast ever. has a had a tremendous first year with more than 21 million downloads, expanding into more than 70 countries, 7 native languages, and featuring more than 200,000 hours of live video broadcast daily.

The awards show celebrated 10 of the key platform accolades that have made live broadcasting such a popular trend, including categories like “Rainmaker Award” for the fan who has sent the most gifts, to the “Lit Marathon Award” for the longest consecutive broadcast, and more. Confirmed attendees included musical guest Ocean Park Standoff, social media stars like Roman Atwood, FaZe Banks, Sammie Firth, ActionJacksonn, and more than 100 top content creators that have crossed into the live broadcasting sphere. Anniversary Party - Live Streaming Video Platform offers monetized livestreaming.  As one of the top grossing apps in the U.S. after launching just one year ago, has paid out more than $3.5 million to its broadcasters and is expecting that number to keep mounting.

 Top live-streamers attract up to 200,000 viewers to their feeds. One of the highest earners with about 380,000 fans on, 21-year-old Sammie Firth, has given back more than $100,000 to fans on the platform. Anniversary Party - Live Streaming Video Platform
The party was attended by people of different age groups (mostly Millennials).   This was great, because my daughter met up with me at the party.  Usually when I invite her somewhere there is usually a crowd my age or her younger brothers age.
The crowd, music and food were great.  It did not matter how old you were, this was a fun party.  We could not help but join in the fun.   These people knew how to have good, clean fun and were very happy to see each other and meet new people.  I cannot tell you how many people approached me with their phones in hand they just had to stream online videos.  I loved it! Anniversary Party - Live Streaming Video Platform
Everyone had a good time, eating drinking, dancing and watching performances by popular rock band Ocean Park Standoff,   Contortionist Acrobat Sofie Dossi of America’s Got Talent and many more while live event streaming .

Awards were also presented and the crowd went crazy.  It was interesting to see and meet the famous livestreamers.

I enjoyed myself and had a wonderful time.

Happy Anniversary ! Anniversary Party - Live Streaming Video Platform

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