CHILL at the Queen Mary This Holiday Season


I may be a little biased, but holidays in Los Angeles are so much fun!  There are always things to do in the holidays, like going to Queen Mary CHILL.

My family looks forward to kicking off the holidays at Queen Mary CHILL.  From November 23 – January 8 people can have fun at CHILL.  CHILL has something for the entire family to enjoy.   As a mom of a 22 year old and 11 year old, trust me I know.

The Queen Mary turns into a magical place with lights, music, ice skating and so much more.


As soon as we arrived my son and daughter got on the Michael Jackson swing from Neverland Ranch.   My son is a huge MJ fan and loves to ride it every year.  I have gotten on it in the past and it is too much for me.   This year I opted to wait for them while they enjoyed the ride.  All I could hear was my daughter laughing and my son screaming.


Just like the swing, there is always ice skating.  If it were up to my son he would ice skate all night long.  He comes prepared with two pair of thick socks to protect his feet  and circles around the rink for what seems like a million times.   I have to remind him that there is so much more to do and see.  He wants to do everything, but for some reason he gets excited about ice skating.


This year CHILL has a new immersive Alice and Wonderland Experience.  As soon as I got my son of the ice skating rink we were headed over to the Alice and Wonderland Experience.  As we made our way to pick out our Mad Hatter hats my son discovered he lost his new iPhone.  That changed things a bit.  Last year he lost his sisters wallet.   He is usually pretty responsible, but it something that comes over him when he comes to CHILL.   We reported the phone lost and decided we would trust that it would be found.  martini

After making our report we picked up our hats and ears.  I wanted a hat so bad.  I forgot that I opted to wear my hair naturally curly.  I could not wear my Mad Hatter hat without looking ridiculous.  It would not fit over my hair.  I enviously eyed my daughter as she walked around Alice in Wonderland wearing ears.  I should have gotten rabbit ears!

We did not forget the lost phone.  My son and daughter went tubing,  but it was not the same.   So we headed back to Alice in Wonderland. While standing outside Alice in Wonderland, we were talking to one of the gentleman that was working the station and making sure no one under 21 was going into the drinking area.   As we waited for my daughter to get her Martini, he stood talking to my son about the lost phone.  I could not believe it.  He jogged my son’s memory! We made a mad dash back the ice skating check out area.  The phone was on the counter and no one had taken it.  We ran back to thank the gentleman.  By this time so much time had elapsed we decided we would get as much in as possible.  It was getting late.


With my son’s phone in hand we headed to the stage to see some live entertainment.  Ironically, my daughter’s friend @tonyiiirich was dancing with his group A-Max Chillers.  Their performance was great!  I am not kidding.  I wish I recorded the woman seated in front of me.  She was chair dancing and loudly saying things like, “They are good!” and “More, more”  The gentlemen seated next to her was trying to shush her and sheepishly looking back at me apologetically.   We eventually laughed about it, because my daughter was doing the same thing. I am sure they were responding the way A-Max Chillers wanted the audience to.


Even when we thought our night was going wrong somehow it all worked out.  I am convinced this can only happen at CHILL.  Next year my son will not be allowed to bring anything with him and I my daughter will have to hold her own things.  Next year nothing is going to be lost.



As expected we had a wonderful time and are looking forward to visiting Queen Mary CHILL next year.

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