Get A North Pole Experience At HGTV’s Santa HQ


My family has been kicking off the holiday season rather earlier this year.  This is not the norm for us, but we do not want to miss all the fun attractions, events and food like HGTV’s Santa HQ at The Oaks Mall.

We were able discover holiday wonderment in this immersive and innovative experience with visual elements that transported us straight to the North Pole.


Just when I thought my son did not believe in Santa  I could see it has not faded completely.    HGTV’s Santa HQ has so much for kids and families to do.  If you do not believe in Santa you will be the time you leave or that question will be in your mind.    When my son heard there was a Naughty or Nice O’Meter he was really into the process.  He immediately asked, “Is this real?”


Has entered the HQ to be scanned by the digital Naughty or Nice O’Meter he appeared to take it very serious.  So serious he was happy with his results.


Our next stop was snap an “Elfie Selfie” in Santa’s workshop and he starred in his own holiday video.   This kid could not stop smiling.  His photo was taken a couple of times and a cute video was created.   The video was emailed to me to share on social media and email.  Hey,  I wanted to be in that video.


He was into every station, but when we reached  the North Pole Observatory to experience Elf-Ray Vision in a 3D environment…he and a few other kids were excited to touch the levers and watch the 3D experience on the tablet.  After the image was on the tablet all I could see where heads looking up at the ceiling and watching in awe.


Our last stop was a photo with Santa.    That is what we came here for right….


I loved this Santa.  He took his time to talk to my son.  He asked him questions about himself,complimented his smile and most importantly asked what did he want for Christmas.  On our way home my son told me he told Santa he did not know what he wanted and he wished he had a really shared what he wanted.    It looks like I will be making a trip back to see Santa.


I will not mind going back, because this was an awesome North Pole experience.


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