The Light Between Oceans- In Theaters September 2nd

The Light Between Oceans will be in theaters September 2, 2016.

I went in expecting to see a film about a couple that find another woman’s baby and keep it.   That is the gist of the movie, but there is so much more to be taken from it.  As an avid book reader I wish I had read the book as well.  This film was incredible.

This was not an action film by far, but I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat.  It was like I was routing for every character.  There was something about everyone that was so relatable.

The film touched on many topics that we face at some point in our life.  It was interesting to see how it played out for these people.  They went through so much.

They had to endure the following:

  • Finding romance and true love – The love between the lighthouse keeper and his wife and the parents of the baby that was found in the boat.
  • Building a family – The lighthouse keeper and his wife and the family of the baby.
  • Hard work – The lighthouse keeper and his wife work at the lighthouse and on their marriage.
  • Dealing with loss – Both families deal with loss of their children and significant others.
  • Being faced with challenges – The lighthouse keeper deals with hard decisions regarding his wife and the baby they find.
  • Moral behavior – Both families empathize with one another and have to make moral decisions regarding the child.
  • Lying – The lighthouse keeper and is wife lie from the moment they find the baby.
  • Judgment – The people in the city/town off the Central Coast of Australia pass judgement on both families.
  • Caring about what others think – The lighthouse keeper’s wife cares about what others may think of her.
  • Sacrifice – The lighthouse keeper sacrifices himself to save his wife.
  • Finding true love -The lighthouse keeper will do anything for his wife because he loves her.  Both mothers will do anything for the baby. The mother of the baby loved her husband so much she chose him over the prejudices of others.
  • Parenting – Both families are faced with trying to do what is right for the child.
  • Destruction – When the lighthouse keeper and his wife find the baby this is the moment that affects so many people and could destroy many lives.
  • Finding peace – Both mothers have to find peace after loosing a child.  They have to find peace with the choices they make.  The lighthouse keeper and his wife have to find peace within their marriage.

The Light Between Oceans a lengthy film that is worth every minute.

So if you are asking yourself what movies are coming out Friday, look no further check out The Light Between Oceans this Friday, September 2.

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