Pete’s Dragon Review 2016 – A Must Watch

Pete’s Dragon 2016 was incredible.   My son and I loved it!

I have not seen the original Pete’s Dragon but, I loved the reboot.

From the moment the film began rolling, the scenery and setting gave me a feeling of warmth.  Even when the adventure began I felt good watching this film.   I was more than impressed with the fine details and realness of Elliot the dragon.   He was so believable.   So much so, that I playfully asked my son, “Are dragons real?”

It is not often that I am drawn into a film that I absolutely do not think about anything outside of the film, like me real life.   I found myself on an amazing adventure with Pete and Elliott and my inner child was awaken and alive.

Pete’s Dragon reveals:

  • Size does not matter when it comes to having strength.
  • Some secrets are too big to keep.
  • There are no prejudices when it comes to caring and loving.
  • The meaning of true friendship.
  • Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Pete is a young boy who survives in the wild for six years and he develops an unlikely friendship/family with a dragon he calls Elliott.  It does not matter that a dragon from the dark ages would be living in a forest in 2016, because the story is just that good.  My son and I immediately commented on how real Elliot appeared.  Not only did he have an awesome appearance he possessed the best abilities.  He was able to fly, become invisible  and breath fire.  Every quality we would want in a dragon.  Most importantly he loved Pete.

Although, I was able to allow my imagination to take over, I did question how could Pete speak so well after living with a dragon for six years with no human contact.  I think that was taken into consideration because there were moments that it was suggested that he did not know certain things.  I guess if he could not talk the film would not have been as great.   The only other thing I questioned was his age.  He was five years old the day he was orphaned and when he was found they said he was nine.  I am terrible at math but, I think he would be either 10 or 11.  I could not question these things too much considering I was buying into the magical dragon.

Pete’s Dragon is a must see film and will be in theaters August 12th!  You have to watch Pete’s Dragon.

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