Apps to Limit Screen Time

Oh my goodness!  KoalaSafe has been a lifesaver.  My son has just gotten into using his phone a lot and I have found myself constantly saying, “Put the phone away!”

He went from a kid that did not care about using the phone to a kid that cannot keep hands off and his eyes glued to it.  With a combination of going into middle school and awesome apps like he cannot get enough it.

He knows when I say do something he has to do it and no, means no but the phone has become an addiction and I am tired of saying the same thing over and over again. This not how things are done in my home and it is not going to change.

We have recently set up KoalaSafe to help eliminate the headaches in our household.  It is awesome!

KoalaSafe is a simple solution for the endless hours of screen time on connected devices. KoalaSafe is a router with a wireless network that can be programmed to shut off. Easily connect kids’ devices to the network, and schedule when they can access the Internet. When it turns off, the youngsters know it’s time to put down that device and head outside to play.

No more monitoring screen time or fighting with kids to get off their devices with KoalaSafe:

•    Easy-to-use family-friendly WIFI access point
•    Protect and manage all devices from one mobile device interface
•    Set to turn off at specific times
•    Block inappropriate sites and apps

Set up was fairly easy.    I scheduled the times of use when he is home and just like clock work the phone shuts off and he does not have internet access during certain times of the day.  It was funny because I asked him to send me a picture during those hours and the picture could not be sent.  We had forgotten that the phone was off.  We spent a short time thinking something was wrong with the phone and then remembered the internet was off because of KoalaSafe.

During the hours he is not allowed to use his phone he is:

  • Reading
  • Playing outside.
  • Doing chores.
  • Watching TV.
  • Playing board Games.
  • Writing in his journal.
  • Doing something fun.

There are no discussions about if he can use his phone.  He was actually excited about having KoalaSafe.  I got him a new iPhone for his birthday and as soon as he got it he asked when was I going to connect the app to his phone.  So far  I am not telling him to put the phone away.   He understands he cannot use it.

Aside from that limited use of the phone, I like that I am able to block certain apps and sites.  I am not doing as many random checks of the phone while he is using it at home.  I know that he is using the internet safely.

I do not know how many kids use the internet, but I am sure there are many families that will find KoalaSafe to be one of the best forms of internet safety for kids and teens. 


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