HBO’s Must Watch Film “Confirmation” is on DVD and Digital HD

Confirmation is officially available on Digital HD and DVD.  This is one film you should have in your movie collection.

As I watched this film it literally took me back to the time I sat watching Anita Hill change history.  I was a young woman in college and had no idea that this would be something I would be discussing over 20 years later with my children or how much it would protect me in the work place or any other setting.

In July 1991, President George H.W. Bush nominated Judge Clarence Thomas to fill Justice Thurgood Marshall’s seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. In October, during the final days of Thomas’ confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee, both Newsday and NPR broke the story that one of Thomas’ former employees, law professor Anita Hill, had accused him of sexually harassing her ten years earlier. These revelations triggered a maelstrom of events, with both Hill and Thomas testifying about the allegations before a stunned and riveted television audience. The release includes brief discussions with Washington and Pierce on the historical impact of the hearings as well as “Character Spot” featuring cast members discussing the character they play.

The film details the explosive Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination hearings, which brought the country to a standstill and forever changed the way we think about sexual harassment, victims’ rights and modern-day race relations. It looks behind the curtain of Washington politics, depicting a pivotal moment in American culture that became a turning point in workplace equality and gender politics. The HBO Film was nominated for two 2016 Emmy Awards including Outstanding Television Movie and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie (Kerry Washington).

Confirmation features “powerful” (Variety), “affecting and nuanced performances” (Los Angeles Times) from an all-star cast lead by Washington (Emmy and Golden Globe nominee for Scandal), Wendell Pierce (HBO’s Treme and The Wire), Greg Kinnear (Oscar and Golden Globe nominee for As Good as It Gets), Jeffrey Wright (Emmy and Golden Globe winner for HBO’s Angels in America), Eric Stonestreet (Emmy winner for Modern Family) and Jennifer Hudson (Oscar winner for Dreamgirls). The film was written by Susannah Grant (Oscar nominee for Erin Brockovich) and directed by Rick Famuyiwa (Dope).

Kerry Washington did an amazing job playing the role of Anita Hill.   Although, they look nothing alike Kerry Washington seemed to have mastered the body language and movements of Anita Hill.  Even the way she spoke was incredible. I kept having flashes of Anita Hill.  I told my daughter how impressed I was and she simply said, “That is what Kerry Washington does. ”

This story was told just as I recall the turn of events.  It was interesting to see what went on behind the scenes with Anita Hill and Clarence and how it the affected the other people involved (politicians and their loved ones.) There were things revealed that I did not know or I  was quickly reminded of things that I did know. HBO took an unbiased approach in telling the story from both sides.  Although, I knew the outcome I was still filled with emotion and was on the edge of my seat.  This was a great film.

This is a movie I would like to share with my son when he gets older.   This is will allow him to understand why they include no sexual harassment along with the anti bullying program in his school.  I was a little upset when he came home telling me they were going to discuss sexual harassment in his school a couple of years ago.  At the time I thought why would they bring this up in elementary schools.  After I marched up to the school I was told it would be a light discussion.  The schools are now teaching students about this while they are young and this is because of Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas.

Not only do I plan on sharing this with my son in later years I plan on watching it again prior to then.

It is not often I find a must watch film but Confirmation is that film.  This is a film you must see!

21 HBO's Must Watch Film "Confirmation" is on DVD and Digital HD

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