13 New and Exciting Manischewitz Products For Passover

Welchs_Mani_Concord-Grape-Juice_64ozP_360dpi-153x300 13 New and Exciting Manischewitz Products For Passover

Manischewitz  invites you to submit a photo of you and a bottle of Welch’s Manischewitz 100% Grape Juice to enter the “Manischewitz #Grape4Passover Contest.”  A panel of judges will review all eligible entries to select the four (4) weekly winners and one (1) Grand Prize

From now until Sunday, April 10, 2016; 11:59 PM (ET) consumers can enter the “Manischewitz  #Grape4Passover.” There are 4 chances to be a winner from the beginning to end, with a second chance to be a grand prize winner.  To enter go to the official Facebook page (Manischewitz,www.facebook.com/Manischewitz), you will then see where you can upload one photo per person of your entry.

“Manischewitz and Welch’s are clearly focused on product quality and the Welch’s Manischewitz Grape Juice launch reinforces our ability to bring to market a delicious and wholesome drink.” says David Sugarman President and CEO of The Manischewitz Company. “With Welch’s expertise in Grape Juice combined with Manischewitz leadership in Kosher, we are thrilled to offer consumers a quality product from two well respected brands.”

“This product gives us the chance to bring a nutritious alternative to consumers who have only had one option for Grape Juice that’s Kosher for Passover,” says Ike Kim, Senior Brand Manager for Welch’s. “We’re excited to bring consumers our expertise in delivering a unique and delicious Concord Grape taste.”

Growing up I can recall Manischewitz being a brand that my parents always purchased and now my children enjoy many of the products as well.   My daughter loves Matzo.  I have watched Manischewitz grow with new products over the years and they are continuing to create new and delicious products.  For example, I cannot wait for my family to try the Blueberry Bran Muffin Mix.


Welchs_Mani_Concord-Grape-Juice_64ozP_360dpi-153x300 13 New and Exciting Manischewitz Products For Passover




  • They  just added a new flavor to our growing Macaroon lineup.  Hazelnut Chocolate Macaroons has bursts of chocolate made with real hazelnuts. This year their new Macaroon flavor won “Best New Item for Passover” at Kosherfest.


  • For your baking and cooking needs they have Gluten Free Matzo Meal and Gluten Free Cake Meal.  Great items for coating and cooking.  Both items have delicious recipes on pack to help you enhance your Passover holiday.


  • They expanded our Gluten Free Matzo with a new 3 pack of our 10oz Matzo bundled for convenience at a value price.


  • Adding to their line of Gluten Free Noodles they now have a Tri-Color Spiral Noodles with great texture and taste.


  • Introducing brand new gluten free cereal for Passover, Magic Max’s Chocolate Crunch Puffs and Magic Max’s Vanilla Crunch Puffs have pockets full of crème that are great for breakfast and snacking!


  • For families that are on-the-go they have some great snacking items to offer.  Our Thin Potato Chips and Ripple Potato Chips will now be available with 9 snack-sized bags in a multipack tray.


  • They will also have brand new Gluten Free Grab n Go Chocolate Cookies and Gluten Free Grab n Go Chocolate Chip Cookies in a convenient take away cup that comes with a re-sealable lid.


  • Blueberry Bran Muffin Mix which include real blueberries to ensure great tasting muffin every time.  These muffins are also a good source of fiber to be enjoyed morning, noon or at night.


  • Their Balsamic Vinegar is also our latest item which is imported from the Modena region of Italy.  Manischewitz Balsamic Vinegar is great for vinaigrettes, marinades and glazes. This new item displays the Protected Geographical Indication seal which certifies it is an authentic product of Modena, Italy.

I hope you enjoy all of these great new products Manischewitz has to offer and good luck in the “Manischewitz #Grape4Passover Contest.

Disclosure:Product/compensation was received in exchange for post.
Welchs_Mani_Concord-Grape-Juice_64ozP_360dpi-153x300 13 New and Exciting Manischewitz Products For Passover

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