Three Ways to Get Information on Disaster Preparedness- Disaster Recovery Plan

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If a natural disaster occurs are you prepared?  That is a question I have asked myself and sadly the answer has been no.

Like many Southern Californians I have taken our beautiful weather for granted and will be in a panic when disaster strikes.  Thanks to the Los Angeles Emergency Management  Department (LA EMD) I am able to prepare myself and my family for any major disaster that may come our way.

Three ways to get information on disaster preparedness are:

  • Visit  for information on disaster preparedness and
  • Visit for text updates.
  • There is also an option to text NOTIFYLA to 888-777 (one word) for updates if you don’t want to sign up through the website. provides many resources for all potential natural disasters that could potentially effect Los Angelinos. Due to location and comfortable climate, LA residents generally feel privileges to live in an area through to be safe from disasters. Readiness messaging includes preparation for supply kits, developing household disaster plans.

When talks of  #RainLA came about, I thought I would prepare my kit.  Once again I did absolutely nothing.  Although the #RainLA season is almost over.  I have decided to stop thinking and have taken the appropriate steps to prepare myself and my family.

I have gone to to help prepare my kit.  The list is long and detailed.  Surprisingly, I am more prepared than I thought. Most of the items on the list were right in my home.    As I went through the list I gathered all of my items and began to place them in one area.  Thank goodness my family went on a camping trip last summer.  A lot of the items needed were things I had purchased for our trip.  I will have to purchase large freezer bags for the smaller items that can be placed together.

What I put off for so long was easier than I thought.  I am confident I will be ready if anything that comes our way.  I would hate for my family to be without food, water, light and many other necessities.

This should not be taken lightly.  Again, are you prepared if and when a natural disaster strikes?




I received compensation for my work on this post. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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