Here’s a Jean That Will Lift, Slim and Shape Your Body

Body Sculpt Jeans 1

I absolutely love my new Body Scult by Celebrity Pink jeans!

The day the arrived I immediately put them on and wore them.  My daughter had stopped by.  She is like the fashion police.  When she said, ” I love the fit and they do not smash your butt.”  I knew this was the jean for me.

These jeans are designed to embody the look, feel and fit of high-quality denim, Body Sculpt offers three body-shaping styles, each designed for the perfect fit in target areas that are important to women:


  • The Lifter tucks the tummy, hips and thighs and accentuates the backside.
  • The Slimmer hugs the thighs and tummy for an overall slim sexy look.
  • The Shaper conforms to the body for a smooth and sharp silhouette.

I got the lifter.  Not that I really needed it, but this over 40 butt is sagging a little so every little bit of lifting helps.

Body Sculpt Jeans 2


Of course I love the lift, but I like the comfort more than anything.   They have a soft feel.  They look like a jean, but do not let the look fool you.  When I put them on I was in love.  The material stretches.  Do  not get them confused with the jegging.

I was able to move around comfortably in the my new Body Sculpts.  I recall at the  end of the day when I returned home I was not rushing in to change into to some sweats.

Body Scult Jeans

Initially when I placed my order I ordered a size 5.  After talking to my daughter she said I should have ordered a size 3.  I made the change to a 3 and was pleased that I did.  I say this because the material is stretchy.  I typically wear a small to medium right now and have been working out more so as the inches drop and I am in a solid small or size 3 I will not have to worry about my jeans being too big.

I have had my jeans for two weeks now.  I have worn them a couple of times and I have washed them.   I have not experienced any shrinkage and very little fading.  I do not dry them.  I let them air dry.

Now I just need to see how the Slimmer and Shaper fit.  I am sure I would love them as well.

Disclosure:  Product/compensation was received in exchange for post.


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