Inflate Your Kid’s Imagination with Fortsy- the 2 Minute Fort!

I know two little kids that will love this!!!

It’s always fun watching kids let their imaginations run wild! Now, instead of flipping over couches or tying together sheets, kids can play in their own fort in a matter of minutes! Introducing Fortsy
Designed with even the most adventurous kids in mind, these super fun forts are easy to inflate, machine washable and indestructible. Set them up in the living room, backyard, park or grandma’s house… wherever and whenever kids want to let their imaginations soar!
Be a part of this imagination-enhancer by getting your own Fortsy in time for the holidays at an early-bird discount on Forty’s Kickstarter page . They have 10 days to raise enough money so they can manufacture many more inflatable wonderlands that you, your kids and the neighborhood kids will love.
Fortsy is an easy-to-use imagination-builder that allows any child to enjoy a world of wonder. In a Fortsy, kids feel secure in a place they get to call their own. 
  • It’s the very first inflatable, durable, machine washable, indestructible and safe pop-up tent on the market.
  • It’s made of material that’s lead-free, strong, sturdy and soft.
  • It’s flexible and bendable and can handle all kinds of monkey business.
  • Fortsy transforms from a light pouch to party place within 1-2 minutes. It’s so easy to inflate, even a 5-year-old can pump up their new playground!
  • It comes in square or tower-shaped options and it can be used as a tunnel.


Kids can transport to a jungle to hang with a bunch of monkeys or they can stay on board a rocket ship that’ll carry them to the stars. How about a fantasy castle where they reign supreme? Fortsy comes in 5 designs that have been kid-tested and approved.
The creators of Fortsy fully support giving kids their own special space to let their minds roam, all while keeping the house clean for mom and dad. Fortsy’s founders believe imagination should be ENDLESS and INFLATABLE.

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received in exchange for my post.
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

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