Ubuntu Oils Review


Ubuntu-2BOils-300x169 Ubuntu Oils Review

My daughter and I are hooked on Ubuntu Oils Moisturizing Hair Butter.  We like the other products but the hair butter is amazing!

For weeks I had been telling her about how I was in love with this moisturizing hair butter.  I have soft hair that is not too thick or too thin.  I do not use any chemicals.  If I did my hair would fall out.

I am in the process of growing my hair out. One morning I was in a rush and I wanted to slick my hair back and wear a hat.  As I rushed to beautify myself I wet my hair, applied the hair butter on the side of my hair and freaked out.  My hair was more slick than it has ever been.  Normally I have to use more than one product, brush my hair a lot and tie it down. I began to panic.  I thought wait….is this a perm cream and I have I misread the container?  I grabbed the jar and looked over the ingredients they seemed to be all natural and chemical free.  I even smelled the cream. It smelled good and chemical free.   I finally calmed down and finished applying the butter on my hair.

After that day, I had been telling my daughter to try it.  Now I wish I had not done so because I ended up sharing half of my jar with her. I only did this because  she had a hair emergency.  I was jealous because it worked better on her fine curly hair than it did on mine.

We love this stuff!  I use it as an edge control.  I am now wearing my hair in a natural curly afro and I use the hair butter on my edges and side burns to enhance my curls.

Ubuntu-2BOils-300x169 Ubuntu Oils Review

I have used the Ubuntu shampoo, conditioner, repair oil and light oil repair mist.  I like them all so far.   I really like the repair oils because they are looking in the moisture.  My curls are looking good.  If your hair is damaged or if you just want to keep it healthy I think Ubuntu hair care line is a great start if you want to know how to restore damaged hair.

Again, I am in love with the moisturizing hair butter.  I cannot get enough of it.

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.
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Ubuntu-2BOils-300x169 Ubuntu Oils Review

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