Not All Dining Experiences Are This Much Fun @foodwellbuilt #stacked


We were not expecting our dining experience at  Stacked to be so much fun.

My son thought our main purpose for dining at Stacked was for him to finally try the  Mac N Cheese Pizza.  He loves mac n cheese, but has never had a mac and cheese pizza.  After we were seated and realized we could place our order on the iPad he could not order fast enough.

Placing his order would have been fast, but his sisters wanted to try the iPad as well.   A second iPad could have been brought to the table, but one was enough.  I wanted to keep track of what was going on.  We all agreed we would began with drinks and wings (Wing It) and sweet potato fries.

Wings and sweet potato fries are our favorite and they did not disappoint at Stacked.   They are served with butternut squash aioli. The waiter aso brought us a variety of dipping sauce for the fries.

Just like my son, my daughter Ari was looking forward to trying the Lobster Mac N Cheese. Stacked did not skimp on the lobster and like the pizza it was cheesy.  She loved it so much she did not want to eat it all in one sitting.  She brought home leftovers.

My son stuck with pizza in which he thought was the best thing ever.  When he picked up his first slice he was pleased with the amount of cheese.  We have been to other restaurants and their cheese just sticks flat to the pizza.  This definitely did happen at Stacked.

The girls and I insisted on building a burger. Who does want to tap in their order on the iPad. I could not come up with anything fancy, but one of the girls created their own burger that looked and tasted delicious.

We loved the food at Stacked, but I could not get enough of watching my tweets pop up on the TV screen throughout the restaurant.  I got a kick out of taking pictures and tweeting them.  You would be surprised at the amount of people that will retweet, favorite, etc.

Stacked has so much to offer that we did not feel rushed. We enjoyed our entire dining experience. I was impressed with the accuracy of our order and the prompt service.

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.
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