Mixing Up School Snacks With Goodkid Snack Bars

good%2Bkid%2Bbars Mixing Up School Snacks With Goodkid Snack Bars

How many times have your kids convinced you they really liked something, then you purchase it  and then within days they say, “I don’t like that anymore?”  Well, that has happened to me and I am always trying to have a variety of snacks.   I have now added Goodkid gluten free snack bars to my snack menu this school year.

With school back in session soon and many parents looking for healthy, on-the-go snack options for the kids.  With Goodkid parents can feel confident knowing that these yummy snack bars made specifically for kids have NO gluten, NO GMO’s, and have HALF the sugar of the leading kid’s bars. Plus, every bar is loaded with antioxidants, omega 3s, vitamins and other good stuff, to keep spirits soaring at school, after practice or during homework. Flavors include:
Apple Cinnamon
A dash of cinnamon gives organic apples a little extra awesome, and only contains 6 grams natural sugars.
Lemon Blueberry
The flavors of blueberries and lemon play tag in this sweet-tart bar, which only contains 5 grams natural sugars.
Oatmeal Raisin
Oatmeal, Mother Nature’s comfort food, gets a hint of sweetness from organic raisins, yet only contains 6 grams natural sugars.
My son took a bar on the first day of school and came home asking for one as an after school snack.  He has devoured every bar we had.
I try to make sure he is eating healthier snacks, that are delicious and fun to eat.
Not only have Goodkid Snack Bars been good for snacking at school we took a road trip and I packed these snack bars.  While in route to our destination my friend’s three year old daughter was asking for a snack.  I remembered I had the bars with me.  I gave her one and she ate the entire bar. I was shocked.  I have only seen her completely eat blueberries and mac and cheese.  Outside of those two foods she usually says she does not want the rest.  So, if this kid ate the entire bar I can honestly say it has been put to a good taste test.


good%2Bkid%2Bbars Mixing Up School Snacks With Goodkid Snack Bars

So far my son has not had the opportunity to say, “Mom, I do not like that anymore.”  We are mixing things up and he is eating a good healthy snack for children

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good%2Bkid%2Bbars Mixing Up School Snacks With Goodkid Snack Bars

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