How Do I Feel About Eating At Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill? @sharkyssocial

I have always felt good about dining at Sharky’s Wood Fired Mexican Grill, but after attending an event at the new Sharky’s Northridge location I do not panic because I know I am eating organic.

Sharky’s meals are made to accommodate a variety of different lifestyles from health oriented to socially conscious eating styles. They strive to create a unique assortment of dishes that meet many different diet choices.

For about 10 years I have not been eating avocados.  Recently I have started eating them again.  When a bowl of guacamole was placed in front of me, I began to scoop small amounts onto my chips and discovered not only could I eat it, it was delicious!  I did not want to eat too much because, I had to save room for my meal.  I then decided I just sip on my lemonade.

Like I said, I have dined at Sharky’s before, but I have been a pretty basic customer.  I was unaware that Sharky’s had strawberry and cilatro lemonade.  After the first sip I was hooked.  The combination of flavors was awesome!

While dining out I usually select healthier options, so I had a full size power plate.  It consisted of wild caught wild salmon, organic quinoa with veggies, organic Mexican style rice and a side salad.

I absolutely loved my salad with organic greens.

My daughter has been eating light and very small portions.  She decided to have a half size power plate.  She had salmon  as well with black beans and broccoli.  She ate half of everything and took the rest home.

My son is no stranger to Sharky’s because, he is rewarded throughout the school year at his school with a Sharky’s certificates that allow him to get a kids meal.  I usually order him a kids bowl, but this time he placed his own order and decided he wanted the quesadilla with organic Mexican rice.

We could not resist dessert.  Have you seen how huge the cookies are?  I had to try the snickerdoodle.  My son had chocolate chip cookie and I think my daughter had white chocolate and macadamia nut.  Yummy….

We have been to our local Sharky’s several times and have branched out of our comfort zone.

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