This is How I Decorated a Wall With Two Canvas Prints

canvas%2Bart This is How I Decorated a Wall With Two Canvas Prints

My wall is almost complete!  I need to paint it, but it looks nice with my new Fara Bell, Touches of Fall II, framed art abstract .

A few months ago I ordered the Fara Bell Touches of Fall I.  It was not the exact size I needed for this particular wall, so I could not wait to order the Fara Bell touches of Fall II to compliment it.

When ordering the second canvas I made sure I ordered the same size.  I was excited because my wall would be complete.

After placing my order made sure they let me know when it was in route and the estimated time of delivery.  I did not have to wait long for my painting to arrive, it arrived in a few days.

Upon arrival, I held it up to the wall,  below my first canvas just to see how it would look underneath.  I wanted to place it underneath the first painting because it looked too small.  I knew placing the second painting underneath would fill it out.  I immediately noticed that it it was slightly smaller in width.  I did not put it up for a while because, I was a bit disappointed.  After some time and with house guest coming I finally hung it up.   It did not look too bad.  No one has said anything.  I think I will feel better after the wall is painted.  That may help.

As for the quality of the canvas, it is as I expected.   I really like the colors and the texture.  Both pieces are not cheaply made, they add a bit of flair to my kitchen.

Last night, I was watching the new HBO show Ballers and noticed a family painting.  It was a Fara Bell.  I was excited to see a similar painting to mine on television.

Overall, I do like my new painting I just wish it was sized correctly.

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canvas%2Bart This is How I Decorated a Wall With Two Canvas Prints

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