Don’t Be A Bully

Anti%2Bbully Don't Be A Bully

Live Free!!! Yes,  I proudly rock my Compassion Brands anti bully shirt.  It represents so many things for me.

This shirt  reminded me of the name of my blog, Free and For Me.   I have said many times I was inspired by the book Free to Be You and Me as a child.  The book inspired me to live free and learn to be a confident individual in which now I have instilled that in my daughter and am now instilling in my son.

Aside from the impact Free to Be You and Me had on me, I have thought of my son and daughter and the challenges they have faced with bullies.  Don’t get me wrong I have faced a few bullies in my life time as a child and as an adult.  My children have faced bullying from their peers, teachers and parents.  As their mother I have tried to protect them from people like this.  It has not been easy, but we have found a way to deal with and move forward.   I hate the fact they have been faced with such ugliness, but I do know it has strengthened us.

With it being the beginning of the school year, I think it is important to bring awareness to bullying.  Supporting brands like Compassion Brands sends a powerful message to others and ourselves.  While wearing my shirt people have glanced, read my shirt and/ or complimented it.

I feel good wearing my Live Free shirt.  Of course whenever you wear something that looks good you feel good.  Not only does this shirt look good and I feel good wearing it, but the message and the weight it carries makes others feel good as well , question their actions or send a message that it is okay to be you/be confident!!!

I can go on and on about the many messages this shirt sends.  Let’s just say this is the perfect shirt to wear during the times we are living in.

Disclosure: Product compensation was received in exchange for post.
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

Anti%2Bbully Don't Be A Bully