Enter For a Chance To Win Removable Photo Wallpaper

Wemontage%2B1 Enter For a Chance To Win Removable Photo Wallpaper

Over the weekend I read an article about WeMontage.  While reading the article I was so impressed and excited about the removable photo wallpaper,  my initial reaction was, as my daughter would say, “I need this in my life.”

Well…. actually, I need this in my home.  Not to mention my college age daughter now wants one as well.  It is rare for me to contact a company, but I just had to.  After speaking with James Oliver, Jr. of WeMontage I am even more excited about  the product because, WeMontage is giving students and parents who upload photos via Facebook and Instagram a chance to win  it’s removable photo wallpaper.

According to Academia.edu, up to 95% of first year college students will experience feelings of homesickness when placed in a new environment, and some of those students will drop out of school altogether. To fight homesickness, Neenah, Wisconsin-based tech company, WeMontage is sponsoring the “WeMontage College Homesickness Giveaway,” in which 100 lucky freshmen, nationwide, will win their own removable photo wallpaper montage.

Wemontage%2B1 Enter For a Chance To Win Removable Photo Wallpaper

WeMontage.com is the world’s only website that allows you to turn photos of loved ones into high-quality customizable wallpaper. WeMontage is the perfect gift for a high school grad because being surrounded with images of friends and family could help ease homesickness, allowing freshmen to focus on their education and enjoy college life.

“People share and display photos because it makes them feel love, happiness, or inspiration. If college students actually see loved ones on their walls everyday, it could calm their feelings of separation anxiety,” says CEO, James Oliver, Jr.

Entering the contest is easy on Facebook or Instagram. Students simply upload their favorite high school moments-football games, senior trip, prom and more-to the WeMontage Facebook page, or to Instagram using #WeMontageCollege, as often as they want beginning July 1 – August 23, 2015. Parents too can upload their high school grad’s favorite moments. The WeMontage team will announce randomly selected winners beginning August 24th.

WeMontage was created by James Oliver, Jr., a work-at-home dad of 2-year old twins who believes in the foundation of family and the beautiful moments of life that a family shares. James knows all too well the devastating effects and stress of separation anxiety. Born three months prematurely, his twins spent ten weeks in the NICU.

WeMontage is a way to keep people connected, and is a wonderful wall of photos that bridges the distance between family members. “WeMontage’s beautiful and unique format evokes a deep, emotional response,” said James.

WeMontage’s peel and stick feature is versatile and works on textured and flat surfaces. Students can install a WeMontage without violating dorm or apartment rules and it won’t damage walls.
Here’s a video created by college students explaining why they think removable photo wallpaper is a great option for them:

Good Luck Everyone!!!  

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Wemontage%2B1 Enter For a Chance To Win Removable Photo Wallpaper

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