Pack Your Bags and Let’s Go Camping at Buena Vista KOA Campgrounds

For years, there has been much debate about my idea of camping as opposed to  my son and daughter’s idea of camping.  We have been wanting to go camping for years and could not seem to agree on if we were going to  glamp or rough it.  Every campsite I presented to them, they would laugh and tell me, glamping is not real camping.  So when we decided to camp in Buena Vista, Colorado  I told them to trust me I would find a happy medium.  To my surprise I was able to find the perfect campground,  Buena Vista KOA Camp Ground!!!

Although, I had visited the online site many times prior to our arrival, I did not know what to expect. I had thoughts of what many might call roughing it.  If roughing it was what I would have to do, I would do it at KOA Buena Vista.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by one of the owners, Helen.  After checking us in we followed her as she drove her golf cart to our tent site.  As we trailed her, I began to see this was not what I was expecting.  This was going to be better.  I was not going to have rough it in the great old outdoors after all.  She escorted us to our nice tent site that had been freshly cleaned and raked by one of the staff.  The area consisted of a fire pit, table, parking space (directly in front) and an area for our tent.   Not to mention or site was very spacious.

We arrived late in the afternoon and after pitching our tent there was an amazing sunset surrounding our site.

There was so much beauty to this campground.   Everyday as we drove to our tent site we had an amazing view of the Rocky Mountains.  I cannot tell you how many times I witnessed campers posing for pictures with these mountains in the background.  Being surround by such beauty was so refreshing.

Prior to coming on this trip we made the decision to cook all of our meals at our tent site. Surprisingly we were able to do so.  It worked out well because, we brought a stove and were able to use it as well as the fire pit, every night.  For  $5 a bundle, firewood was delivered to us.  I absolutely loved the wood being delivered.  This was one less thing I had to be concerned with.  Aside from our firewood being delivered there was trash pick up everyday.

There was one morning we were not able to prepare breakfast and that was the day we went white water rafting.   We were running a little behind schedule and decided to head down to the Cook Shack.  The Cook Shack is a cute little place to dine at the campground.


I do not know what we were thinking.  It is not like us to be late for anything, but when we arrived at the Cook Shack we browsed over the menu and wanted chocolate chip pancakes.  The nice lady at the window was ready to take our order, but when I told her that we had to check in for rafting within 15 minutes, she asked the cook how long would it take to prepare and he said, 9 minutes.  That would not have worked.  I cannot tell you how much we wanted those pancakes.  I then asked if we could have toast for all of us.  I had to think of something quick.  She quickly obliged us.  I know it was just toast, but this toast was so buttery delicious.  We paired it with the complimentary coffee.   Well, not for my son.  There is complimentary tea as well.  I am not a coffee drinker, but at the rate I was going I needed it.

We made it to our rafting trip in time.  When we returned my son was dying to go to the camp store and by a souvenier.  I gave him permission to do so and told him to put in a request for firewood to be delivered for the night.   Normally, I do not allow him to roam around anywhere, but I could see him as he walked to the store.  Minutes later, I saw Ron, one of the KOA staff members, driving up to our tent site with my son in his golf cart.  Ron was delivering the firewood and giving my son a ride as well.  My son sat in the passengers seat with the biggest grin on his face.  He had purchased a sling shot.  He had been eyeing this thing and he just had to have it.  He had never used a sling shot before and it was very evident.  After placing the firewood by the fire pit.  Ron decided he would show my son how to properly use a sling shot.

After Ron left, my son continued to practice with his new toy.  Lucky for us our tent site was right below a section of rocks.  He climbed up there and slung many rocks until nightfall.

I went into this trip expecting to rough it.  Camping at KOA Buena Vista was a great start for me. While we were out hiking we saw other campgrounds that were free or they did not have the same amenities.  At KOA Buena Vista, we had clean bathrooms that were cleaned daily.  There is a playground.  My son played one evening for about an hour and met some other children.  While he played I sat on a bench out front and talked to other campers that were trying to get a good Wifi connection, washing clothes in the nice and clean laundry area or they were just sitting out front enjoying the view.  There is also a game room.  You will need lots of quarters. They offer pin ball, foos ball, pool, game boards, television and an another arcade game. ( I cannot recall the name.)

Okay this was not glamping, but like I said this was a happy medium for my family.  My kids got to camp outdoors in their very own tent and we all got all of the amenities and cleanliness we were hoping to get.  Not to mention the staff was very nice and helpful.

Camping at Buena Vista was a memorable experience.  We enjoyed our stay.

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Don’t be afraid to be free!!!