Aflac 1 Day Pay – Aflac’s One Day Pay


“This post is sponsored by Aflac.  I was compensated for writing it, but all opinions are 100 percent mine.”


Have you heard about the Duck Salon?  I have seen the commercial and it is hilarious.

·         Aflac’s new “Duck Salon” commercial continues to share the Aflac Duck’s story of trying his hand – er, wing – at new things: this time hairstyling.
·         The commercial shows the Aflac Duck falling short as he tries to make the cut as a hair stylist.
·         As his clients react with horror and shock, two women observing the Aflac Duck’s work from under the dryers discuss how one mistakenly believed that he was the best hair stylist.
·         The spot closes with a conversation between two women at the salon: “Oh, he’s a horrible stylist, but, he’s the best at paying claims fast.” She later adds, “He paid mine in just one day.” The first woman is so impressed with Aflac’s new One Day Pay promise that she overlooks the horrible hairdos. 
One Day Pay sounds great!
·         When a policyholder gets sick or hurt, Aflac pays cash benefits fast – now in as little as ONE business day with the company’s new One Day Pay promise. 
·         One Day Pay is Aflac’s way of making sure eligible claims get processed and approved the same day they’re submitted, so policyholders can get paid in just a day. Aflac is built to process and pay – not to deny and delay – to help your life stay on track.


·         A lot of insurance companies talk about how much money they’ll save policyholders on premiums, but people buy insurance to get paid when they need to file a claim. Aflac understands that claims matter and that it’s important to be there for their policyholders when they need it most.
bad%2Bhair Aflac 1 Day Pay - Aflac's One Day Pay

I can relate to having a bad hair day and needing insurance money quick, fast and in a hurry.

I am in the process of growing my hair back and it this has not been a walk in the park.  I start out looking like this.  In order to look descent I have to go through a process and that process is not guaranteed to work.

I have been told I look fine, but I know my hair does not look how I would like it.  Currently, I refuse to have my hair cut into a style so my hair looks like I have a helmet on my head or in today’s case, it looks like a feather duster.   There is no style to it.  I create one or have the stylist just do the basics.

When getting my hair  done this is the process:

  • I will get a hot oil treatment.  (My hair is very dry)
  • Deep conditioner
  • Hair washed
  • Hair blow dried.
  • Hair straightened.

After all of this is complete, I do not apply further heat.  My hair grows pretty fast, but right now  fast is not fast enough.  Applying less heat helps the growth process.

My hair starts out big, it is usually bigger than this picture. I tie my hair down with a silk scarf at night.  There is absolutely no style.  I have to then comb it down add a little edge control to my side edges and the back of my hair, because the back is still short, but growing.  The back was cut very low.  I sometimes wore it bald.

I believe everyday is a bad hair day for me.  Everyday will be a bad hair day for me until my hair grows to the length I comfortable with.

Last week, my family went on vacation I wore a hat everyday, because I could not bare to deal with my hair.  I was even uncomfortable wearing the hat.  In every photo I stood at a distance.  No close ups for me.

Aside from having the bad hair days on this vacation.  There were a couple of occasions I thought I would definitely be in need of an Aflac Plan.  We were hiking in unfamiliar territory that made me question my hiking ability.  Oh and when we went white water rafting and  I played it safe.  I knew in the back of my mind I did not have an Aflac Plan.  This is one time I needed it.

At the rate I am going with my bad hair days, I may need to visit the Duck Salon, to help me out. Well, maybe not….I will end up bald.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing is wrong with being bald.  I have tried that also.  That was not a good look either.

I recall working in Corporate America and being told about Aflac.  The plans always seemed worth while.  After learning about this One Day Pay, I think Aflac is more than worth while.

The Aflac Duck may not be able to do hair, but he can definitely pay claims.  After seeing how fast the One Day Pay is I am beginning to think claims are paid faster than it takes for me to get a descent style.

This review and giveaway was made possible by iConnect Influencer Management and Aflac. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

bad%2Bhair Aflac 1 Day Pay - Aflac's One Day Pay