The World’s Largest Lego Ship Has Docked At The Queen Mary@TheQueenMary

All aboard!!!  The World’s Largest Lego Ship has docked on the Queen Mary.  I was amazed by the Lego Brick Model Ship, created by Master Builder Ed Diment, measuring at 26 feet, weighing over 600 pounds and made from 250,000 Lego Bricks, when we attend the preview of the Lego Model Ship at the Queen Mary

Attending this preview was a treat for my son because, he loves Lego, but had been dying to tour the Queen Mary as well.  It is not often you have the opportunity to meet a master builder of such a wonderful piece.  A kid at heart Diment playfully demonstrated some of his skills and graciously took photos with my son.

Diment, the co director of  Bright Bricks, Inc. said the Lego Queen Mary was built for an exhibition in England last October.  He also shared that his wife had a hand in building this magnificent piece as well.

The Shipyard is a place for children and adults to connect with one another and the ship.

We spent quit some time in the exclusive space looking over the intricate details of this model ship.  While doing so my son found the Lego area with a building table.  He did not try his hand at building a model ship, but he created something else.    I did catch one father trying to create his own version of the Queen Mary.  I must say it was not too bad.  It was definitely better than what I could do.

After learning that during the war Queen Mary carried British Prime Minister Winston Churchill across the Atlantic for meetings with fellow Allied forces officials on several occasions. He was listed on the passenger manifest as “Colonel Warden”  We just had to get a picture of this Lego bust of Winston Churchill.  

Spending time in the Shipyard was an enjoyable experience.  We were then taken on a tour of the ship by the captain.  My son was more that ecstatic.  He stayed at the side of the captain the entire time asking many question and being a good listener.  He was taken in by the history and  was most curious about the possibility of the ship being haunted.  As we toured the ship the captain was open and honest about the many mysteries of the ship.

I absolutely loved the stories, but was drawn in by beauty of the ship.  It has been well taken care of and his a beautiful site to see.

The “Shipyard” Opened to the public July 4th.   It is definitely something you do not want to miss.  While you are there take advantage of the many fun things Queen Mary has to offer.

The Queen Mary has always been a great tourist attraction and or a fun place for Californians to visit. With the expansion of so many fun things to do and see it is becoming the place to be.

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