San Francisco Ice Cream Sandwich – IT’S IT Ice Cream

It%2527s%2BIt San Francisco Ice Cream Sandwich - IT'S IT Ice Cream

While we are kickin it this summer and beating the heat, my family we will be indulging in It’s It Ice Cream or I should I say over indulging because, this ice cream is so good!

I can remember the first time I had It’s It  as a teenager.  From the first bite I was hooked.  Since then it has been one of my guilty pleasures and I have introduced It’s It to my children and they love it also.

It’s Its has been around since 1928.  I cannot believe I did not discover it until the mid to late 1980’s.

As I understand it, It’s It is a San Francisco legend.  I live in Southern California and in my mind it is a legend here as well.

I have only had vanilla Its It, but there are other flavors as well.  Since I love vanilla It’s It, I cannot wait to try the other flavors.

It’s It flavors :

  • Chocolate It’s It
  • Mint It’s It
  • Cappucino It’s It
  • Strawberry It’s It
  • Pumpkin It’s It
  • Chips It’s It
  • Big Daddy
  • Super Sundae
What an awesome variety of flavors.   There is something everyone can enjoy.  In my families case we will all love all of the flavors.
It’s It was discovered by George Whitney.  I love his story.  When he place a scoop of vanilla ice cream between two freshly baked, large old fashioned, oatmeal cookies and dipped the sandwich into a fine dark chocolate, the delicious combination of savory sweetness was declared by all to be “IT!” and that is how the  It’s It ice cream sandwich was born.  He was right, it is definitely It!!!
If you have not tried It’s It or are like me and need to try the other flavors you can find it at select retailers.

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It%2527s%2BIt San Francisco Ice Cream Sandwich - IT'S IT Ice Cream