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Water%2BWorks%2BSwim Where To Go For Swimming Lessons

My son has been swimming since he was two years old.  Although, he has been swimming for so long,  he needs to work on his technique, so he is taking swim lessons at Waterworks Swim School.

He loves swimming and I have been known to say, “He swims like a fish.”  Some of this is true, but when he is swimming he is slapping the water a little hard, holding his breath and a couple of other things.

Going into the lessons I knew Waterworks Swim School offers:

  • 25 Yard Indoor Heated Pool
  • Makeup Classes, Registration, and Cancellations offered at no extra charge
  • Flexible Scheduling – start and stop at any time – there are not set sessions
  • Highly trained swim instructors with previous swim and childcare experience
  • Specialized muscle memory teaching technique and unique curriculum for quick progression

On the first day of class we were introduced to my son’s swim instructor, Sammy.  Sammy was not initially assigned to be his instructor, but I was hoping he would be because, I absolutely loved his energy.  I had not met the other instructors, but I knew he and my son would work well together.  As I sat there waiting for the lesson to begin Sammy told me, ” I cannot wait to work with him, I can see that he swims well.”

Water%2BWorks%2BSwim Where To Go For Swimming Lessons

The lesson is 20 minutes long.  I wondered how much could be learned in 20 minutes.  As I sat and watched, Sammy was giving him a wealth of information.  He had observed my son swimming for a couple of minutes and was able to determine what areas needed improvement and what approach he would take as far as teaching knew things.

Water%2BWorks%2BSwim Where To Go For Swimming Lessons

They worked on my son’s breathing, the slapping of the hands and several other techniques.  When the class was over they were both very pleased.  Sammy told me, my son is a level 4 swimmer and is a fast learner so this allowed him to fit a lot into the session.  He did not want me to think he was just throwing stuff at him.   In 20 minutes he learned a lot and was eager to practice everything he learned at home.

Yes, he was excited about the class, but was over the moon when he was told he could select a prize from the prize box for advancing to the next level.


Water%2BWorks%2BSwim Where To Go For Swimming Lessons

We have just completed our second lesson.  In between the first and second lesson my son did practice at home.  Everything he practiced did not look exactly like what he learned during the lessons.  As I sat by the pool I said, “I do not think that is what he taught you.”  He would reply, “Mom, I know what he told me, it does look the same.”  Let me just say, it was a little off, but what was important was he felt confident and he was practicing.  He will eventually get it right.  When went in for the second lesson I told Sammy and he said, it happens and not to worry.  As soon as my son got into the pool and was instructed, he looked great!  When class ended Sammy told me, my son did good and not to worry if it looks a little different at home, he will get it.  Now, they are moving forward to the backstroke.  My son is so excited.

So far we are having a great experience with Waterworks Swim Lessons and my son is perfecting his swimming techniques and learning new things.

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Water%2BWorks%2BSwim Where To Go For Swimming Lessons