Journal 10 Is The Perfect Graduation

Journal%2B10 Journal 10 Is The Perfect Graduation

My daughter absolutely loves her Journal 10.  I was trying to wait until her birthday and I could not wait until September nor could I wait another year for her college graduation, so I gave it to her the other day. I am terrible at gift giving.  Since I have given it to her she keeps telling me how much she loves it.  Now I have to find another gift for her birthday.  Oh well….

As my daughter embarks on the next chapter of her life she will be able to document her life, goals and thoughts over the next ten years.

As she thumbed through the book she said, “This is perfect.”  She is always documenting something, but never has she done so over a 10 year period.   I wish I had this type of journal when I was her age.   Maybe they were available and I just did not know about them.   She was shocked when I told her that I began documenting things the year I was pregnant with her and continued to do so for ten or more years thereafter .  I have not been consistent in recent years.  It has been interesting to go back and compare my thoughts then and now and to see if I have accomplished any of my goals.

My daughter is big on setting goals.  Journal 10 is ideal for her.  She began jotting down things immediately.  It is perfect for her busy schedule and she does not feel like she has to make a lengthy journal entry.

With Journal 10, a minute to spare every day adds up to a decade long memoir. In addition, she will enjoy setting long term goals with the pages meant for long term planning and monthly overviews. The journal even has a place for address and phone numbers to write down important networking contacts.

Journal%2B10 Journal 10 Is The Perfect Graduation


Journal 10’s Ten Year Journal is the only journal offering 11 years of entries (owners can start at any time within the first year and still get the entire decade) and remains a strong seller among those buying for a second time. Help them capture every accomplishment and reflect on their personal development with Journal 10. $39.95

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Journal%2B10 Journal 10 Is The Perfect Graduation