Room Deodorizer Beads – New Renuzit Pearl Scents

Pearl%2BScents Room Deodorizer Beads - New Renuzit Pearl Scents

Having fresh scents in my home makes my home feel warm and welcome.  I absolutely love walking through the door and smelling a fresh scent.

For the past couple of weeks I have been using New Renuzit Pearl Scents in one of my rooms.  When I opened the decorative lid and peeled back the seal and discarded it,  I then placed the lid on the jar and twisted tightly as directed.  The smell of Blue Sky Breeze was amazing!  The entire room smelled great.  I noticed it more when I left home and returned.  It seemed that it was smelling in a couple of other rooms as well.

On the second day the scent was strong but not as strong.  By the fifth day, I could not smell it as much.  I then asked my family if they could smell it they said, no.  We were able to smell it if we were standing directly in front of  the Pearl Scents.  I made sure to place it in area by a door that is always open thinking this would help.  It did not.

We have had a couple of cold nights, so I have had to turn on the heater.  On these nights I noticed a faint smell coming from the Pearl Scents.

After a couple of days of trying to figure out what to do to make it smell stronger, I kept going back and reading the label to see if I missed a step.  I had not.

Yesterday, while cleaning, my son saw me shaking the Pearl Scents.  I was doing this hoping the smell would go throughout the room.  He said, “I have been doing the same thing.”  He then suggested maybe we should shake it every hour.  I think not.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the smell of New Renuzit Pearl Scents, but it is not been long lasting.  I am now thinking of placing it directly on a window sill.  I really think that will do the job.

The Pearl Scents packing is pretty decorative; so as I try to find a good place for it I am not worried about it being an eye sore.

UPDATE:  Today, June 1st, I placed the Pearl Scents in one of my smaller bathrooms and it smells great!  This is exactly what I was hoping for.

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Pearl%2BScents Room Deodorizer Beads - New Renuzit Pearl Scents