Would You Keep $100,000? Watch CBS The Briefcase

cbs%2Bthe%2Bbriefcase Would You Keep $100,000? Watch CBS The Briefcase

The season premier of CBS The Briefcase will be airing tomorrow night, Wednesday, May 27th (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT).

Despite many people thinking the economy has changed recently, the Briefcase opens your eyes to people that are in need.  Within minutes of watching the show I asked myself what would I do if I was given this opportunity.

“THE BRIEFCASE is an eye-opening look into what matters most in people’s lives, taking the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride with a shocking ending each week,” said THE BRIEFCASE Creator and Executive Producer Dave Broome. “I’ve been incredibly impressed by just how generous Americans are, even with shrinking paychecks and rising debt, when there’s little left to give.”


Each week, two families have 72 hours to learn details about each other’s challenging circumstances and make the weighty decision of what to do with $101,000.  However, what they don’t know is that the family with whom they are considering sharing this financial windfall received an identical briefcase with the same instructions. Throughout their journeys, relationships within both families will be tested and beliefs questioned as they find out what really matters most in their lives, and how much importance they place on values such as love, generosity, compassion and faith.

I was given the opportunity to watch the first episode.  Let me just tell you, I was instantly drawn into the show.  After watching the show, when I saw my daughter I told her, “You have to watch the The Briefcase tomorrow!”  I know this is her kind of show.  I have raised my kids to always think of others no matter what our circumstances are, so I know my family will not miss an episode.

As I sat watching the Bronson and Bergin families, I was in tears almost the entire episode.  I was definitely on the edge of my seat and my heart was racing.  No this was not an adventure, but I was anxious to know what they were going to do with the money.  I was on an emotional roller coaster. There was a scene where Dave Bronson says, “I am not a crier.”  and then Kim Bergen says, “I am.” and they are both crying.  I sat crying along with the two of them.  If I had been there we would have been in a group hug crying all together. My tears were mixed with sadness and joy.  

Bronson Family

cbs%2Bthe%2Bbriefcase Would You Keep $100,000? Watch CBS The Briefcase


Dave: Injured Retired Iraq Vet
Cara: Nurse
One child, age 3, with another on the way
Manchester, N.H.
Dave is an American hero whose Humvee exploded when he was in Iraq and he lost his leg. He and his wife, Cara, are expecting their second child this summer. Living on one income with a growing family has put a significant amount of stress on the Bronsons.


Bergin Family

cbs%2Bthe%2Bbriefcase Would You Keep $100,000? Watch CBS The Briefcase


Joe: Ice Cream Truck Owner     
Kim: Part-Time Event Planner   
Three children, ages 15, 13 and 12
Matthews, N.C.
After Joe was laid off from his corporate job 10 years ago, he and his wife, Kim, started an ice cream truck business which is struggling.  
The Briefcase shows real people in real situations that are relatable.   You never know someone’s story.  Many times people do not reveal their struggles and what goes on in their lives. You have to think we do not know what happens behind closed doors and we cannot judge a book by it’s cover. The Briefcase reveals the true struggles of real people.  I absolutely love this show!
This show made me feel so good.  I cannot wait to watch this every week!!!  

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Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

cbs%2Bthe%2Bbriefcase Would You Keep $100,000? Watch CBS The Briefcase