Cold N Flu Remedies

cold-vs-allergy Cold N Flu Remedies

Cold Eeze  has been a life safer for my daughter in recent weeks.  She is constantly on the go and the weather has been unpredictable, so cold symptoms come and go.

She has been relying on Cold Eeze.  So far she has not had a cold, but has felt the onset of a cold.

Take Cold-EEZE  anytime you start to feel cold symptoms and continue until symptoms are gone.

Their unique zinc gluconate formula releases zinc ions to fight your cold virus.
Cold-EEZE lozenges have been clinically proven to shorten the duration of the common cold by almost half. View the clinical studies:

Just the other day, I added Cold Eeze to her car emergency pack.  I am telling you she says Cold Eeze really works.

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cold-vs-allergy Cold N Flu Remedies