Feeling Energized with Flo Fusion – Flo Fusion Review

Flo%2BFusion Feeling Energized with Flo Fusion - Flo Fusion Review

I recently went on a class field trip with my son’s fourth grade class.  When I woke up that morning, I was exhausted.  I immediately thought it would be the perfect time to try Flo Fusion On-the-Go by Celsius.  

Did I mention we were going hiking?  I am an avid hiker, but on this day I needed some extra help.  I grabbed a water bottle and added a packet of Flo Fusion Berry to it.   As I headed out the door I took a sip of my drink.  It was a bit tart and had a bit of an after taste, but it was not bad.  I think I was just not used to it after I while I actually liked it.  After taking a couple of sips I felt energized.  I was ready to hike.   I literally felt energized all day.  After all of the energy I had, I can see how you burn 100 calories and have greater fat loss. And yes, I had a blast with on the field trip.

Not only did I feel energized I was in a good mood, for the most part.  I was concerned about my mood because, if I drink anything that has caffeine I can get very moody.  Knowing this I am going drink this when I feel that my body can handle it.  I am hoping I can drink it often because I really like it and I need to burn 100 calories a day and need the greater fat loss.

I just gave a packet to my daughter today.  She was feeling drained and was  preparing to workout. You are not going to believe this, but she was instantly energized.  When I told her about all of the other benefits, she hinted that she will be using this supplement as well.  I think she plans on using mine.  I guess I will give her a packet or two.

Celsius Flo Fusion is Backed by 6 Published University Studies, and is Clinically Proven to:

  • Burn 100 Calories and More Per Serving
  • Burn Up to 93% More Body Fat Per Serving
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Provide Healthy Energy

Healthy Features of Celsius Flo Fusion:

·         No Sugar
·         No High Fructose Corn Syrup
·         No Aspartame
·         Very Low Sodium
·         No Preservatives
·         No Artificial Colors or Flavors
·         Vitamin Enriched
·         Tastes Great!

Celsius Flo Fusion is a great tasting drink for your active, healthy lifestyle. Studies show that drinking Flo Fusion before moderate exercise helps you burn up to 100 calories and more per serving, boosts metabolism, burns up to 93% more body fat, increases endurance and provides lasting energy to accelerate your transformation no matter what diet or training routine you are on. The great tasting Flo Fusion Transformation Accelerator Powder has the same benefits as the “ready to drink” Celsius and is available in Berry or Orange flavor.

If you are like me and are trying to get beach body ready I suggest you try Flo Fusion.  

Disclosure:Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.
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Flo%2BFusion Feeling Energized with Flo Fusion - Flo Fusion Review