Thank Goodness for New Body + Hair Wash and Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash

dial%2Bkids%2Bsoap Thank Goodness for New Body + Hair Wash and Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash

My son is older than 2 years old and he does not mind using New Dial Soap Body + Hair wash and New Dial Foaming Hand Wash.

The gentle formula for both the body + hair wash and the foaming hand wash worked well for him.  He is at an age were he starting to perspire more and I am always on him about washing his face.  He is good about washing his entire body, but that face does not get the proper scrubbing.  His reasoning has been he does not want to wash his face with soap because, he thinks it will get in his eyes and burn.  For the past couple of weeks, he has been applying the body + hair wash to his Korean exfoliating face towel and he washes his face and he does not have red eyes or any burning.  He does wash his body and hair with his new soap.   He has needed a soap that would build his confidence in washing his face.  Now when he goes to bed I am kissing a soft,clean face.  A few weeks prior to getting this soap, I would come into to kiss him good night and I could just feel the dirt and sweat from the day on his face.  I would than make him get up and wash his face.  Now, I am kissing a fresh clean face.

My son has no problem washing his hands.  He is loving the Dial Foaming Hand Wash.  The other day I came into the bathroom and there were soap suds on the sink.  I stood there trying to figure out where did they come from because, I knew my hand soap did not create suds.  I completely forgot about the foaming hand wash.  It was not until hours later I remembered that my son’s soap was a foaming soap.  I was ready to ask him why he had not wiped the sink off, but I chose not to.  I am just happy he is washing his hands.

Both the New Dial Soap  Body + Hair Wash and New Dial Foaming Hand Wash are keeping my son and me both happy.  He likes using them and I like that he is actually using them.  He is at an age that it is imperative that he uses soap.

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